We created encanvas to help organizations to make it possible to fashion an above and beyond customer experience by knowing customer intimately and deliver better processes; to unburden creative thinkers from the shackles of coding and scripting software applications; to release innovation around the world by bringing more enterprises access to affordable, enterprise-grade software.  Our purpose has never been to remove employment opportunities for software coders and scripters; there will always be a demand for higher skills.  

Our five year plan is this…

Year 1

To demonstrate Encanvas brings value to the ideas people of the enterprise; that it works and makes money.  We will initially focus on larger enterprises that are able to affordably pay for services that start-ups can’t afford.

Year 2

To scale our business, to serve a larger audience of businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Year 3

To make our technology available for free to more education establishments and good causes.

Year 4

To focus our energy on the bigger projects that contribute to saving the planet and improving wealth creation.

Year 5

To transition the ownership and leadership of our business so it falls into the right hands to nurture and grow its potential into the future.