We make accelerated digital transformation possible

We’re on a mission to make apps useful

Why we created encanvas

It began with an original thought –  “How can we equip business people with useful apps?”

Every innovation we create is a necessary step towards that vision. For over 20+ years we have been at the forefront of cloud innovation, solving impossible problems with cutting-edge tech.

The composable digital documents, apps and portals produced by our users are not only revolutionary but necessary. To truly digitally transform your enterprise in a scaleable and secure way.

We believe that Encanvas v.4.2 is the first truly useful and complete data fabric and composable data architecture for enterprise customers.

Our values

What drives us


We’re passionate about the latest technology and what it holds for the future of humanity and work.


We achieve more when we all work together, we value each other’s input allowing us to continuously improve our ideas, relationships and business.

Customer focus

We aim to build long term partnerships and that means serving customers to the best of our ability, always putting them first.

Democratized technology

We look to make it easier for digital workers to make their vision come to life in the digital space, no matter how ambitious.

Our team

We Accomplish together

Encanvas is the product of the passion that exists in our team, working together with a common goal to produce great outcomes for businesses with the help of best-in-class technology.

If you have a passion for innovation and collaboration, why not consider joining our team.



Tonis is Co-CEO of Overall Eesti, an Estonian tech company and innovator. He serves on the board of Encanvas, contributing his expertise in decision systems design. Tonis has a passion for tech innovation and the importance of data culture in the management of digital businesses.


Ian is a serial entrepreneur with a background in enterprise IT. Much of his career, Ian has been involved in organizational change, digital transformation and tech product strategy and innovation. He is recognized internationally for his ability to predict tech evolutions long before they happen.


Andrew is the author and technical architect of Encanvas. He is the mastermind behind innovations that are found in our tech architecture. He continues to lead product innovation and set the direction for ongoing development.


Mart is Co-CEO of Overall Eesti, an Estonian tech company and innovator. He serves on the board of Encanvas, contributing his vast experience in operational management. Together with his brother Tonis, he’s led the growth strategy of Overall Eesti as a powerhouse in office technology IT.


Manoj is the CEO and owner of the global IT services and workforce firm US TECH SOLUTIONS Inc. A serial entrepreneur, he serves on the board of Encanvas and contributes his expertise on how to manage and grow hi-tech companies.


Nick is CFO of Encanvas and is responsible for managing the commercial success and growth of the project. His background is in corporate finance, organizational change and large-scale project governance.

Case Studies

Customer Success Stories

Transport for London Logo

Transport for London

In 2004, England’s capital was plagued by road works, over a million a year. It was a major inhibitor to growth and cost to business. Worse still, in 2004 the capital was getting ready for Cross-rail and the London Olympics. Encanvas helped to bring 100 organizations together to share street works advanced plans.

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Ernst & Young Logo

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young’s Power and Energy team was finding it increasingly difficult to inform its clients of their offerings. Encanvas was used to create a market radar and credentials management solution that delivered a competitive advantage. achieving digital evolution
in the corporate legal office.

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Midlands Vauxhall Logo

Midlands Vauxhall

The management team of this leading Motor Retail group saw an opportunity to boost sales by working smarter to leverage the data it was holding on existing customers. Encanvas equipped the team with business insights which they leveraged to deliver powerful sales campaigns and fulfill their KPIs.

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Our social side

Having Fun is Part of the Job

encanvas team

It’s great when we get to meet up as a team to celebrate our successes and the fun we have working together.  These photos were taken from our 2022/3 catchup.  For more stories checkout our LinkedIn page.

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