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As a customer fanatical team, we’re passionate about delivering the most elegant and enjoyable experience for software development and lifecycle management.  You’ll see what we mean when you take Encanvas for a spin.  See how we’re doing by checking out the latest features.  Explore our technology and ecosystem supporting change management.   

















Change Ready IT

Want to supersize customer experience while shrinking spend?  Then you’ll need to innovate faster; unshackle creative people from having to code or script applications. Our enterprise software platform enables you to adapt over time, to always fit business needs perfectly. Use it to deliver an awesome customer experience, automate processes, improve data governance and drive your own digital transformation.  Data from authored applications will grow to form a unifying customer data platform that places customers at the heart of everything you do and reveal a single version of the truth across your enterprise; essential for any data driven business.  We call it change-ready software.

Encanvas Enterprise Application Development Software Architecture

Achieve the perfect blend of No/Low/Hi-Code Applications Development

No-Code software displaces coding and scripting with a building-block based abstraction layer.  Everything is drag-and-drop, configuration choices or awesomely clever wizards.  Use our clever wizards to build forms, create data structures, build databases, publish sites, embed hyper-automation into your business, organize your apps and more! But sometimes, you need custom code.

Deployed on a private-cloud, the Encanvas cloud application platform equips non-coders to design enterprise-grade applications that IT can deploy and run .  Our software uses a blend of drag-and-drop interfaces and wizard-based tools to remove manual coding tasks: That means no errors, no code testing, and no project delays. Encanvas introduces a step-change in the quality, cost, security and speed of enterprise applications design and deployment.  Unlike fourth-generation-languages and ‘mashups’, Encanvas delivers 100% of your application development and operational needs without having to compromise features or having to resort to traditional tools for ‘enterprise-grade’ results due to platform short-comings.  We support BOTH the needs of No-Code designers, and enterprise IT teams.  That’s what makes it truly special.

If Encanvas can power global corporations to maximize customer experience, run transport information systems across regions, and help a community of 100+ separate organizations to plan roadworks, then just think what it can do for you!  Read our case stories here…

Transformative technology to fast-track your ideas into applications

Encanvas serves both Business Analyst app designers and enterprise IT professionals, bringing the two sides of enterprise innovation together.  It embraces the Agile Codeless Software Development Life Cycle, software robotics and automation to remove barriers to change for IT.  It enables business analysts to specify new applications ‘across the desk’ – working with users stakeholders in workshops, killing off forever the need for off-line coding and scripting for the majority of enterprise computing tasks.

What is Live Wireframing?

Live Wireframing is an approach to creating enterprise software applications in workshops without coding.  There’s no need to SCRUM or SPRINT, because it only takes one Business Analyst (optionally supplemented by IT professionals if ever needed) to create an enterprise app.  Creating apps on Encanvas AppFabric using Live Wireframing methods enables business analysts to orchestrate business models through new applications without needing programming skills.  With Encanvas, there’s no need to source or learn collections of software tools every time someone identifies a process that can be improved.  

Fancy being (or hiring) a citizen developer?  

A single analyst can build enterprise applications with Encanvas using No-Code methods.  Automate processes through an effective digital platform to convert customer value into shareholder returns.  Everything you need is in the box; an enterprise apps platform built for the purpose.

Hear From Our Clients

Don’t take our word for it. This is what our clients think about ENCANVAS.

“Over the last 5-years the team has worked on a number of strategic projects for my team and they’ve always delivered projects on time and on budget.”

Paul Rowntree

Director, Canon Europe Ltd

“It would not have been possible to reach an agreed solution (to the London Streetworks Advanced Planning challenge) without using the LondonWorks tool to see the issues graphically presented.”


National Grid

“We could not have translated our vision and ideas into effective applications processing systems without the ingenuity and commitment of the Encanvas team.”

Faith Khanyile

CEO, WDB Investments

“It is via Encanvas that I feel WSCC were able to demonstrate regionally what true GIS coordination is about. This project was a leap of faith for us, one that I can say (you) delivered.”

Peter Atkins

Traffic Manager, West Sussex County Council

Reasons to choose Encanvas No-Code/Low-Code/High-Code for your data science

Design Better Apps

The result of over 20-years of software innovation, Encanvas No-Code/Low-Code/High-Code enables enterprises and their departments to create best-fit enterprise-grade applications at scale; applications that can change and adapt over time faster than any other known technology.  Apps are authored in workshops, created by a Business analyst sitting ‘across the table’ to stakeholders and users.  Within two or three real-time workshops, using our LIVE WIREFRAMING methods and tools, you’ll have a great application that everyone wants to use.

Cut Legacy Burden

Encanvas kills legacy burden and SaaS sprawl while creating ‘cleaner’ applications that cost less to support. Our license agreement says you’re never tied-in to pay for upgrades.  In addition, you don’t need to invest in lots of disparate systems that don’t talk to one another.  The platform has everything you need to securely run and continuously improve as many applications as you need without compromise.  One platform, lots of apps!

Be Data Driven

Every customer-centric business needs to be driven by accurate data on what it’s customers want, how sales are progressing, which customers and products are profitable etc.  To harvest and aggregate data from back-office systems requires a clever tech ecosystem.  It must gather and cleanse data, normalize and de-dupe it, create a new (clean) data model, and then provide tools to analyze, report, visualize and share insights.  

Unsurpassed Data Integration

Only Encanvas offers the multi-threaded, multi-sourcing and multi-linking innovations you’ll need as standard, together with drag-and-drop integrations to over thirty different enterprise data systems.  Out-of-the-box you gain access to all of our No-Code data connectors, plus our latest HYPER-DRIVE technology that let’s you connect pretty much any form of DLL, code, script, app, visualization, algorithm, AI or file format!

Fastest time-to-value based on fail-fast prototyping principles

Back in 2003, we created a toolkit for translating business model ideas into hyper efficient digital platforms and ecosystems able to eradicate inefficiencies and efficiently turn customer value into profits.  Tech analyst firms describe Encanvas as a High-Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS) but we see it as a business profit enabler that sits above enterprise systems and equips business model innovators with the means to design, deploy and operate the apps your business needs to gain its competitive advantage.

Lowest project risk

Producing a digital platform can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Encanvas No-Code/Low-Code/High-Code offers a proven and complete building block design approach to speed up digital platform design and deployment. It removes the need for programming skills to enable live wireframes to be deployed in days, sometimes hours.

Awesome scalability and integration possibilities

Encanvas No-Code/Low-Code/High-Code is enterprise-ready software designed for large scale deployments and simple replication.  It combines the latest cloud container technology with version control technologies to support massively scaling applications.  Our clever plug-in ecosystem means that designers can leverage the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize business models.

Awesome information management architectural flexibility and control

As soon as your business model needs data, you have a challenge.  Sourcing clean, useful data and processing it is never simple.  Re-using data for new purposes is fraught with data integrity issues.  Encanvas combines advanced robotics and AI algorithms with state-of-the-art transformation and cleansing tooling to produce new data marts and warehouses to drive your business model.  We give your business the decision engine it needs to create a culture of curiosity and the opportunity to answer new questions as they arise.

Intuitive usability matched with eye-popping results

Nobody has time to reference a User Manual nowadays.  Whether your users are using a desktop, tablet or mobile device, with Encanvas, beautiful and intuitive apps come as standard.  Our HYPERDRIVE Plug-In technology enables designers to access the latest data visualization and mapping technologies to bring data to life.

Uncompromising data security

Data is essential to modern business, but it comes with risks.  In the connected digital age, it’s become ever more difficult to keep data safe.  Encanvas is trusted by governments and global corporations because it’s arguably the safest place for enterprise data that supports critical data flows.

Mapping your digital DNA

Does it make sense for every application you use to build its own record of people, systems, processes, organizational structures etc.?  We don’t think so.  That’s why Encanvas maintains records of your organizational design, its people, systems, data, process and supplier dependencies.  It means up to 40% of the data records for your next application are already baked in – and you only have one version of the truth to maintain!