GlueWare™ to Bridge Between Your Website and Back-Office

Introducing Encanvas GlueWare™, the most versatile information flow ecosystem for your business.  Bridge between your website and existing back-office systems to create an effective digital ecosystem to maximize customer experience and minimize operating costs.

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The glue to stick your customer-facing website to your ERP

eBusiness has become the ONLY business to be in. Online shopping is set to hit 4 trillion in 2020.  Every company needs to be part of that story.  But what happens once your website processes a request? In most businesses today, the slick customer facing website doesn’t mean that same level of integration and automation exists in the back office.

YOUR eBusiness

The global pandemic has caused consumers and business decision makers to realize that the world has turned a corner.
Our consumer economy has moved online with more people working and shopping remotely.  According to the latest B2B research from Gartner, up to 80% of the enterprise buying process now happens online.  Taking your business online –  and providing 24/7 services – requires a re-think in the back-office and how your enterprise delivers services.   

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Why You Need GlueWare

Encanvas GlueWare is a technology ecosystem for deeply integrating your front-office (i.e. where your customers go to shop and serve themselves), with your back-office (i.e. where requests are processed and fulfilled). Our GlueWare:

  • Makes light work of automating machine-to-machine workflows
  • Removes re-keying, key-fill tasks, document workflows and human-in-the-loop task.
  • Eradicates spreadsheets and ‘SaaS sprawl’ by mimicking the activities of humans and the apps they use
  • Monitors key trigger points in your processes to report on the health and performance of critical processes
  • Codeless Integration

    Create as many information flows as you like to glue systems together using our codeless data connectors

    Transparency and Business Insights

    Create transparency across your processes with alerts and dashboards to see activity and comparative performances.


    Auto-populate back-office systems like your financial or ERP database directly from your website 

    Embed Advanced Digital Technologies

    Add HyperDrive (optional) to give your enterprise the ability to embrace digital transformation by combining new tech innovations like Robotic Process Automation and AI into your processes.


    Keep Data Safe

    Remove data loss risk from using spreadsheets


    Release your team...

    ..from mundane key-fill and data entry tasks. Reduce human-in-the-loop processing and improve integrity of operations.