Into tech?  Ever wanted to be part of a great team that’s passionate about what they do?  Yes?  Great! Why not get in touch.  We’ve a reputation for achieving results no other team can. That takes awesome people.  It’s fun too!

Great teams need fabulously talented and engaged people. At least, that’s what we think!

Like all good companies, we strive to hire the best and we value integrity, excellence, respect, inclusivity, and collaboration. We demand a great deal of our team.  They go above and beyond for their colleagues.  What you’ll find different about ENCANVAS though, is how much we:

care about your success

encourage participation in decision-making

avoid complexity and jargon

encourage lazy business

use technology only when it’s the right choice


Real values

Company mission and value statements are generally pointless, vague and ignored. For us, people have to feel part of a business to perform. It’s our PEOPLE that define our brand and it’s value.


We want people with passion. Make your job the thing you’d want to be doing anyway and it’s so much more fun!


Yes, we’re diverse… but it comes down to fairness: For being fairly recognized and rewarded for the work that gets done and a job well done.


It’s the place where innovation and great ideas always begin. Innovation is key to ENCANVAS; it’s been the secret of our success!

Delivering (Going Above and Beyond)

We want people that are conscientious and deliver on their commitments.  We make sure our people are rewarded for going above and beyond in all kinds of ways. Putting in 120% makes you feel good too!


Sounds silly maybe as company values go, but we expect people to manage their own time. Very often you may find yourself working on your own at home. ENCANVASHEADS work harder and faster that normal people. Regrettably, you won’t fit in if you’re not awesomely organized.

Considering a change of direction in your career?  If you want to join our team, you’ll need to have a passion for business and IT.  But it’s okay.  If you don’t have paper qualifications we probably won’t care either.  What matters more is YOU. If you ROCK, we want to know how and why.