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The brandable no-code customer web portal

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Encanvas Micro Portal is a no-code iPaaS platform built for digital businesses like yours. Design, deploy, and manage branded customer portals.

Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and unlock new growth with Encanvas Micro Portal. Maximize shareholder value by transforming your intellectual property and value proposition into a compelling online experience that drives customer acquisition and retention.

Personalize experiences:

Give customers the self-service tools they crave.

Boost data value:

Leverage data insights to uncover new revenue opportunities.

Increase transparency:

 Provide real-time visibility into progress and updates.

Formalize operations:

Streamline onboarding, training, service, and reporting.

Build a web portal for your business

What makes the best customer portal software for your business?  A data safe platform that you can brand, technology that makes it easy to publish forms, dashboards, milestone cards, training courses, etc. for customers?  No-code tooling that makes great professional results simpler to achieve?  Our customer web portal software was designed by our audience of high-growth startups, equipping their teams to grow faster, without the coding or support issues.

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The Brandable Portal

Building your own customer web portal

To create your own client portal (or customer web portal) you will want to perform a series of steps very quickly:

1. Deploy the iPaaS no-code application fabric that will represent your tech ecosystem

2. Brand your portal and apply your brand color schema

3. Configure administrative data tables

4. Create application logic, forms and databases (including integration with your existing data sources) and use no-code building blocks and templates to rapidly publish your web portal content

5. Send invitations to customers/clients to link to your site and setup their access permissions.

6. Notify stakeholders via email of progress during use of the platform.

What’s in the box?

• A customer portal that facilitates the design and use of permissions based multi-stakeholder user group portals
• Specify brand styling for all authored digital documents used in the portal
• Brings the ability to design and deploy custom apps, self-service forms, courses, dashboards, etc.
• No-code—uses ready to deploy components and drag-and-drop tooling to create forms and applications logic
• Database driven—to enable data to be uploaded from, or shared to, existing systems
• Data field, rich media, numeric calculations, and data presentation drag and drop design elements
• Application of if/then logic without coding to construct data filters, presentation choices, app logic, etc.
• Produce rich charting, mapping, KPI and dashboard components without coding or scripting
• Automate email notifications from an action button
• Connect to existing data sources while protecting data endpoints through use of templates; all done without coding 
• Upload target audience to a digital document and track behaviours

• Affordable to buy and scale
• Protects Intellectual Property by holding no license over designs or content used in the platform
• Easy to brand (including logo, colour schemas, etc.)
• Easy to deploy/provision/setup (core admin data tables pre-configured)
• Easy to learn and use
• Data safe including customer and company logins
• Available on desktop, tablet and mobile with resizing of elements with no editing
• Easy to support—First-line customer support provisioned by approved reseller partners and distributors

Typical use cases for turnkey no-code web portals

Customer onboarding

Program and project milestone management

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Education and training


Permissions and authorisation processes

Client file sharing portal to store and upload documents

Performance dashboards and reports

Other customer portal apps we haven’t thought of!

Encanvas powers the next generation of big business