Transform Apps with Plug-ins

Introducing Encanvas HyperDrive™, the most versatile data plug to embed data, systems, apps, algorithms, IoT sensors, maps, visualizations, script or code into your incumbent systems and processes without coding.

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Hyper Automation requires a Hyper Drive

Hyper Automation happens when your enterprise can apply the best-fit people-process-technology-data solution to a service design process step to create better outcomes for customers and your business:  It’s about maximizing the possibilities of automation while minimizing operating costs and time-to-value. 

YOUR Digital Transformation

There is a hype curve around the term Digital Transformation (DX) that can make the subject difficult to comprehend. 

Essentially,  DX is about embracing digital technologies to deliver improved customer value by improving customer experience while reducing operating costs.  Digital transformations are happening in the ways businesses deliver their products and services, support customer enquiries, maintain assets, and manufacture their products and services.

No Digital transformation happens in isolation.  DX systems embrace data from existing systems and processes. Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest reasons why DX projects fail is the quality and availability of existing data.  Organizations struggle to install modern digital technologies (like artificial intelligence or chat-bot solutions for example) into their existing business processes and combine them with existing data sources.  

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Why You Need HyperDrive

No single technology is perfect for any process step.  Achieving above and beyond customer experience requires service designers to consider the best-fit blend of people, process, technology and data.  To produce the best results, your design team needs access to best-of-breed technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, data visualizations, big data, etc. – and the ability to embed new tech tools into internal processes by leveraging existing and new data sources.

HyperDrive allows designers to blend the third-party best-of-breed technologies they need in the best way to produce optimal outcomes.  That means better services delivered with improved productivity and lower costs. 

Codeless Integration

Equip digital workers with the ability to embed the third-party tools and apps they want to use without needing to create an IT project.

Give Business Analysts Access to More Tools

Give app and service designers the ability to choose the best technology and service delivery mechanism ‘for the job.’ There’s no need to compromise on user experience or performance to the limitations of your app design tools.

Act on Data

Encanvas HyperDrive includes tooling to let you act on and transform the data you receive via the plug-in.  Apply if/then rules. 

Embed Advanced Digital Technologies

HyperDrive gives your enterprise the ability to embrace digital transformation by combining new tech innovations like Blockchain and AI into your incumbent processes.


Keep Data Safe

Even though HyperDrive is a flexible integration tool, we’ve made sure it’s possible to install controls to safeguard your data.

Better User Experiences

Using AI, chat-bots, drones, blockchain, sensor networks and IoT, best-in-class data visualizations, and software robots, etc. you can up-scale your customer experience in no time!

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