Create Professional Business Apps Without Coding or Scripting

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No-code tools de-skill the task of designing apps.  Use drag-and-drop tools to build apps logic


Use our no-code point and click data connectors to bring together data from various locations


Create views of your apps to serve different user groups with control over every detail


Take control of when you upgrade your platform – no need to upgrade when you don’t want to!


Use our clever robots to automate uploads, go get data, and transform data as needed


Publish applications to desktop, tablet and mobile browsers with one click publishing

 Encanvas for Apps

Developing apps? With Encanvas digital documents you can do it yourself

The Encanvas No-code development platform is a cloud-based app development platform that offers a suite of visual development tools to build apps without coding for fast application development.

Encanvas was originally designed as a desktop enterprise data mashup and visual rapid applications development toolset.  It has been used to build enterprise-grade business apps since 2002, from simple spreadsheet replacement apps to systems to manage traffic information for large country regions–and everything in between.

Digital documents are the next generation of documents designed for the digital age.  They allow anyone to build and publish professional cloud born apps for use on desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.  Using relative sizing and modern cloud-native capabilities, your apps shape themselves to maximize user experiences on whatever screen or device your audience chooses to use.  Like the hard-copy documents that precede them, they bring autonomy to your team.  It means your people can capture, process, analyze, manage, publish, share and store data.

With digital documents you can build a document, a course, a micro-site, an app!  Furthermore, you can convert  XLS(S) spreadsheets and convert them into database-driven web forms and mobile-friendly apps in no time at all.

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Integrate with any data or app. Encanvas was born to manage data without asking people to be experts in databases, or data management tools.

The first applications built by Encanvas required data to be harvested from multiple data sources at the same time.  In large corporate environments, this is a non-trivial challenge!  We came up with multi-threaded, multi-sourcing and multi-linking …which sounds a bit of a mouthful! What it means is that you can compose data from lots of different places, deftly pick tables and rows you want to use, and then, mix it with new data structures you create yourself.


Need to keep your data safe? Welcome to the safest place for business data

When it comes to data security, we’ve placed it as the number one priority for our design concept.  What this has led to is two decades of pioneering innovation that’s all been about keeping data safe, closing back-doors, and innovating to prevent internal and external threats.  Check out our data security briefing documents for further information.

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As a former European Finance Director for a Fortune 500, I know from first-hand experience the scale of the shortfall between enterprise systems and long-tail demands for professional business apps.  Digital documents offer a unique opportunity for businesses to extend automations deeper into their business processes.

Nick Lawrie, NDMC Managing Director

How it works

Creating apps with digital documents is painless, rewarding …and great for business!

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Use relational databases

Track page views, visits and interactions to gain an in-depth understanding of how viewers engage with your content.

Access powerful design elements

Implementing Encanvas digital documents is painless.  In no time at all, you will be driving gains in productivity, engagement and sales results.

Design awesome apps

Empower your team with no-code templates that simplify the design and publishing process.

Remarkable data mashing

Create new applications and reports by bringing together existing data from various data sources.  Then, blend it with new data structures as you need them.


Forms building wizards

From your data design, auto-build the add/edit/delete forms you need to manage data tables using our wizard.

Auto-database builds

Once you’ve come up with your data designs, have Encanvas build your database.

For mobile, desktop or tablet

Create browser based apps that resize for all popular form factors.


Every page you build can be viewed on any popular browser and still look exactly as you’d hoped.

Multi-stakeholder views

You want your data to be edited, viewed and shared with different groups.  Using Encanvas you can specify who sees what and user privileges down to a fine detail.

Data security

Our unrivalled data security means your data is safe at all times.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Encanvas provides plenty of ways to utilise existing user credentials.

If/Then logic building

Build powerful if/then/or logic into every aspect of your apps, all without coding.

Code when you want to

Encanvas is no-code drag and drop, but if you want to add elements of HTML, C#, Javascript, etc. that’s fine too.

More filters than ever

Add filters on inbound data to shape views, reports, charts, forms, etc. using custom fields.

Add your own bits

Our HYPERDRIVE technology means you can add your own data or app building blocks to extend the performance of our platform with your ideas.