Case Studies

Find out why so many enterprises look to Encanvas for their fexible digital solutions.

Case Studies

Solving the impossible

We have a proud history of solving problems for leading enterprises and government enterties,
here are just a few of our stories.

Bringing a competitive edge to Ernst & Young (Power and Energy)

Ernst & Young (Power and Energy) struggled to keep clients informed in a rapidly changing market and provide tailored services to address new challenges. Learn how Encanvas helped create a market radar and credentials management solution to address this issue.

Rethinking Vendor Management

STREAM, a cutting-edge cloud and mobile Vendor Management System, was developed using ENCANVAS by the technology innovation team of Newton Day Ltd. Find out why they chose our platform and how they utilized it.

West Sussex County Council Keeps Traffic Moving With Encanvas

Encanvas helped West Sussex County Council efficiently manage over 3000 weekly requests to dig up roads, enabling them to keep the traffic moving while adhering to the 2004 Traffic Act.

Helping PA Consulting and a Police Authority keep graffiti under control

Ernst & Young (Power and Energy) faced challenges in keeping clients informed in a rapidly changing market and offering tailored services. Discover how Encanvas created a market radar and credentials management solution to address this issue.

How Encanvas CDP Introduced Overall Eesti to its Most Profitable Customers

Learn how Encanvas helped Overall Eesti, an Estonian Office Equipment company, drive profitable behaviors in its business by utilizing a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to gain a holistic understanding of customer relationships and profitability.

Equipping Midlands Vauxhall with the business insights to drive new car sales

Midlands Vauxhall, a prominent Motor Retail group, seized an opportunity to increase car sales by leveraging its existing customer data more efficiently. Learn how they utilized Encanvas to execute sales campaigns and achieve their customer growth plans.

Transport for London

Transport for London faced a challenge: the city was overrun by road works, causing major hindrances to growth and business. In preparation for Cross-rail and the London Olympics in 2004, TFL used Encanvas to coordinate street works plans for 100 organizations.

Giving Canon sales insights to manage growth investments across its territory

Canon-Europe developed a business insights platform with Encanvas to drive growth in the rapidly expanding Middle-East, Africa, and Central European regions managed by the EMBU team.

Maximizing the return on crop yields for Rosaly Farms

Encanvas helped Rosaly Farms of South Africa embrace the hi-tech future of the farming industry by leveraging technologies like big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things to enhance crop yields and profitability.

Telent Ltd / Marconi

The Matisse traffic information system needed an update, posing a dilemma for the (then) Marconi management team: invest in the outdated database system or meet user and stakeholder demands. Discover their decision.