Leading global enterprises gain a competitive advantage with Encanvas


Transport for London

 Transport for London had a challenge:  The capital of England was plagued by road works, over a million a year.  It was becoming a major inhibitor to growth and cost to business.  Worse still, in 2004 the capital was getting ready for Cross-rail and the London Olympics.  Find out how TFL used Encanvas to help 100 organizations to share street works advanced plans.

Telent Ltd / Marconi

The Matisse traffic information system was overdue a make-over.  It presented the management team of (then) Marconi with a major issue:  did they invest their cash into propping up an aging and unpopular database system, or should they work out a way to deliver the capabilities users and stakeholders were demanding?  Find out what they did.

Bringing a competitive advantage to Ernst & Young (Power and Energy)

Ernst & Young (Power and Energy) was finding it more and more difficult to inform its clients on a fast changing market and offer best-fit services to respond to new challenges.  Find out how Encanvas helped to create a market radar and credentials management solution.

Helping PA Consulting and a Police Authority keep graffiti under control

Preventing and addressing the consequences of graffiti is a major cost to city municipalities around the world.  Find out how Encanvas provided PA Consulting with the idea platform to rapidly prototype a solution for its Police Authority client.

Giving Canon sales insights to manage growth investments across its territory

The Middle-East, Africa and Central European regions represent some  of the fastest growing geographies for the office technology market.  Learn how Canon-Europe developed a business insights platform to fuel their growth across the territory managed by the EMBU team.

Maximizing the return on crop yields for Rosaly Farms

The farming industry has gone hi-tech in recent years with technologies like big data, blockchain and the Internet of Things introducing many new possibilities for farming organizations to increase crop yields and profitability.  Find out how Encanvas helped Rosaly Farms of South Africa step into that future.

Equipping Midlands Vauxhall with the business insights to drive new car sales

Midlands Vauxhall is a leading Motor Retail group.  The management team saw an opportunity to sell more cars by working smarter to leverage the data it was holding on its existing customers.  Find out how they leveraged Encanvas to deliver sales campaigns and fulfill their  customer growth plans.

West Sussex County Council Keeps Traffic Moving With Encanvas

Keeping the roads moving can be challenging when your traffic management department receives over 3000 requests  every week to dig up the roads.  Find out how Encanvas helped West Sussex County Council keep the traffic moving and comply fully with the 2004 Traffic Act.

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Rethinking Vendor Management

STREAM is a next-generation cloud and mobile Vendor Management System developed using ENCANVAS by the technology innovation team of Newton Day Ltd.  Find out what the team chose our platform – and what they did with it.

overall office equipment

How Encanvas CDP Introduced Overall Eesti to its Most Profitable Customers

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) harvests data from across the enterprise to create a holistic understanding of your customer relationships and profitability.  In this case story, learn how Encanvas helped the Estonian Office Equipment company, Overall Eesti, to drive profitable behaviors in its business.