Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

An ultra-safe, scalable digital app and data aPaaS cloud ecosystem for digital businesses

Our Temporary Pages Give Permanent Protection

Encanvas publishes every page on request, per-request.

Meaning that your pages are secure – because for all intents and purposes, they don’t exist.

Your PassPort to security

Without one of our proprietary digital PassPorts, there isn’t much you can do with Encanvas.

It’s a key in the security chain that links our cloud to your desktop. You will need one for each developer or admin.
For good measure, every PassPort is encrypted, for tight security.

For Ultra-Secure Cloud Data Security

The No.1 In Data Security

Secure your critical business data with our ultra-secure cloud containers, providing monitored and regulated safe spaces for publishing no-code business apps, mashups, digital documents, and smart bots.

Use Cases and Solutions

The End Of Data Silos

Our Data Vault liberates data from incumbent systems, making it accessible for any question you have in mind.

Keep track of apps and bots

Ensure transparency and control over your enterprise’s app and bot deployment with our scalable management ecosystem.

Coding skills not required

With Encanvas, you can build and modify forms, portals, and apps as needed, ensuring seamless digital transformation and innovation without constant interruptions.

No Code Means No Coding Errors

Our software eliminates the need for QA code level testing, saving both time and costs.
With traditional 
agile development, the later a defect is detected, the more costly it becomes to fix. Averaging 15-33% of total project costs. By leaving the coding to our software, you can avoid these expenses and ensure a more efficient development process.

Turn Your Data Into Value

Mashups, a concept predating no-code and low-code, involve harvesting and reusing data in innovative ways. Encanvas continues to excel in this area, utilizing clever codeless integration tools to gather, reorganize, and reuse data without compromising security.

Better Dashboards

Our reporting systems offer actionable insights that convey more information in less time, saving executive time spent on monitoring static dashboards. They also provide alerts for important developments, allowing you to focus on other tasks until then.

Forward Thinking Scorecards

Gain real-time insights for partner and supplier success with our scorecard portals, providing a holistic view of performance and identifying areas for improvement.

This proactive approach is more effective than relying on hindsight to drive your business forward.

From Idea to App in a Click

Turn your ideas into reality with Encanvas. No-Code lets you start small and build up to a professional, ultra-secure business application.

Iterate and improve over time.

Unleash Your Inner Tech Genius

Create custom apps and bots with our smart IFX Suite to enhance customer experiences and streamline processes. Safeguard your data at every step.

Re-Invent Your Digital Publishing

Interactive .CDF digital docs inject your comms with charts, vids, and animations, transforming ideas into engaging experiences.

Magical Data

Use composable data architecture to access actionable insights, improve decision-making, and drive better outcomes. It’s about making data accessible, coherent, timely, and useful within context.

Perfect Your Customer Experience

Customize every customer experience, from social posts to orders, and ensure their satisfaction throughout their journey.

With Encanvas, rapidly build customer service apps and journeys to provide a personalized experience for every audience without compromising on customer service due to inflexible IT.

Aglile 2.0

With Encanvas, you can accelerate app development by minimizing the team size and reducing risks through codeless Agile 2.0.

This solution addresses the global technology talent shortage by reducing reliance on IT skills, allowing for enterprise-scale app design and development with just one analyst and an Encanvas Developer account.

Use Cases and Solutions

Let Data Be Your Guide

Lead, measure, and make decisions across your enterprise with Encanvas. Easily create and measure new indicators for your business strategy and develop processes and applications without the need for a team of technicians.

Just one creative mind and Encanvas are all you need.