Design your own best-fit apps to embed the latest AI and workflow engines into your business processes with Encanvas Create Design Studio, the all-in-one Integrated Design Environment designed for codeless across the desk publishing of digital platforms and ecosystems.

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About Encanvas Create

Encanvas Create Design Studio™ is an integrated software applications development environment that represents the fastest and most affordable means to produce right-first-time applications.

The Job It Does For You

Use Encanvas Create Design Studio™ to:

Bridge between IT development and the business

  • Encanvas Create makes the partnership between business and IT work through iterative development

Improve digital platform design productivity

  • Fewer IT skills are required and fewer IT tools
  • Up to 60% of project specifying and simulation time is removed
  • Re-working of applications is all but removed (up to 25% of costs)
  • Master Data Management and web service strategies cascade robust IT platform support the long-tail of applications demands

Reduce project costs and make more projects possible

  • Encanvas Create reduces the complexity of IT projects by delivering concept-to-real implementations in 4-steps
  • A comprehensive development environment provides the essential tools authors need in a single design and deployment platform

Right-first time applications

  • The fastest and securest means to deliver .NET portal and mobile applications


All of our projects adopt a similar form. This is our three step process:

Use Encanvas Create to rapidly design business model constructs as applications using ‘fail fast’ methods and principles.

Deploy apps instantly to a secure cloud.

Operate your business model and adapt it as your market evolves.

Dig Deeper

What separates Encanvas Create Design Studio from other integrated development environments lies in its ability to facilitate across-the-desk near-real-time design of live wireframe prototypes and applications.  It does this by reducing the coding overhead at every stage of the design process.  We call it codeless because it also removes the presence of code and script which is off-putting to non-programmers.  Instead, designers and stakeholders see visual building blocks that indicate the design components and their inter-dependencies.  Once designed, a one-click publishing process means designs can go live immediately.

Reducing the programming overhead also reduces applications re-working, tuning and testing.  With Encanvas Create Design Studio, IT teams can engage business stakeholders across-the-desk, not in backrooms.

Encanvas Create Design Studio forms part of our Live Wireframe, AppFabric, and Secure&Live subscriptions.  It is downloaded as a component of the downloadable Encanvas Secure[Spaces] Client.

Designed with edge and cloud computing in mind, Encanvas is a modern web server architecture that fully leverages Microsoft .NET.

Powering Agile Workshops

Create Design Studio streamlines app design workshop productivity, giving analysts the power of ten developers. It boosts productivity, speeds up results, produces better apps (through rapid prototyping and no need for code testing) and doesn’t skimp on platform functionality, data security or scalability.  It’s used as part of Live Wireframing workshops to produce application prototypes in near-reaal-time.

Rapid codeless design and one-click publishing of prototypes, apps and digital platforms

IT teams are faced with growing lists of demands from information workers for applications that combine disparate combinations of information assets to create applications that respond to new business situations. This growing list for new apps is being described as the ‘long-tail’ of software applications (i.e. A small number of individuals and small groups of users who need to use large numbers of applications as opposed to the majority of users who only require a small number of applications).  Create Design Studio helps IT teams to serve the long-tail of business apps; making information workers more productive and removing app development costs.

Productivity tools bring fastest time-to-value

Our integrated wizards make light work of complex applications development tasks.  Using robots to write code saves humans having to do it – and there’s less re-working, testing or tuning!

Rich control over User Experience (UX) design

We’ve incorporated rich functionality into design elements to allow for fine-grained design control over how your application works and is presented to users.  Each stakeholder group can enjoy their own specified User Experience.

For everything else, there's HYPER-DRIVE!

Create Design Studio comes supplied with our Hyper-Drive Plug-In which means designers aren’t tied to the tooling incorporated into design elements. Include code, DLLs, script, algorithms, artificial intelligence, data visualizations, data integrations, APIs and more!

Ready-to-use codeless design building blocks

Create Design Studio includes a series of ready-to-use building blocks (we call design elements) that can be brought together in different ways to produce new applications. These include components for data capture, business intelligence, reporting, search and discovery, content management, instant messaging and more.

If/Then logic design

Create Design Studio includes an Actions Layer that equips designers with the tools they need to automate processes, make decisions and act on data.

Data mashups

Built into Encanvas Create Design Studio are powerful data mashup features, allowing designers to fashion new data structures and combine existing data from third-party systems.

Deploying industry standard (secure) apps

Applications are deployed on Microsoft ASP .NET as standard HTML applications. For extra security, use our Secure[Spaces] IP-SEC security to increase protection from non-authorized users.

Develop without coding

Using the Encanvas Create Design Studio IDE, business analysts can design new apps and digital platforms in workshops. Create new apps in near-real time. Just because it’s code-less and fast, there’s no need to skimp on enterprise features, scalability, performance or data security!

Translating Business Models into Digital

We live in an era where businesses compete for their buying audiences and transaction through digital channels. The performance of your digital platform is one of your most potent competitive advantages – if you can get it right!
Encanvas Create Design Studio removes technical obstacles and project overheads to enable small teams to build big businesses

Because Software Innovation is Risky

You’ll want to make sure that you’re doing everything to minimize software development project risks. But where do these risks come from? Over-runs? Over-specifying results? Unexpected data quality or sourcing challenges? Encanvas is purpose-built to de-risk software development and removes the need to compromise outcomes.

Architected For High Growth and Change

Encanvas builds a digital platform that stays in-tune with your business model. It can change as quickly as your markets do. It’s also engineered to be enterprise-ready, with the awesomeness of edge and cloud computing bringing big data possibilities in reach for fast-growing enterprises.

As Safe For Data As We Can Make It

No supplier today can make an information system that completely unhackable, but when it came to specifying security features, we didn’t leave anything out. Encanvas is one of the safest places for your business data. We’re always happy to prove it. Encanvas has been independently tested by our security partners together with customers and partners including PA Consulting, Transport for London, Canon Europe and Ernst & Young.

Apps with a User Experience to Die For

People praise Encanvas Create Design Studio for its intuitive design, but our passion for User Experience doesn’t stop there. The apps YOU can create on our platform will surprise and delight your customers. Attend one of our webinars to see for yourself and experience a new level of Usability.

It's Always About Growth With Us

Encanvas Create Design Studio lets your business rapidly translate its big ideas into digital solutions so your business can grow faster. Going code-less is only part of our story. We’ve chalked up almost 20-years of tech know-how and project expertise helping businesses to achieve rapid development results and business outcomes.

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