At last… a way to convert PowerPoints into interactive distance learning courses

…with monitoring of course attendance / results!

Say hello to digital documents

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No-code tools de-skill production of rich media presentations, forms, eBooks, wizards, etc.


Convert from PDF, PPTX, DOCX, XLSX and images to produce rich media digital documents


Manage brand and document versions by using templates to boost consistency



Personalize experiences with video, charts, transitions, forms and interactivity


Auto translate content into multiple languages using AI-powered translations


Trackpage visitors to interpret buyer intent and behaviors (closed-loop) to create more sales leads!

 Digital Documents for Training

Compliance checks? Make sure your people are trained in your policies

It’s never been more important to ensure your team understands your company policies and a training record exists for regulators.  But classroom training can be expensive to organize and time consuming to roll-out.  Furthermore, you need to have a clear record of attendance for your courses.

With company policy training, it’s expected that off-the-shelf courses won’t be enough.  There will always be occasions when you need to personalize courses to honor the way your organization works, its culture and brand behaviors.  The solution is digital documents.  You can upload and assign a list of learners to any document. Then, when they visit the digital document, their choices, behaviors and tests are recorded against their ID.  This means you get instant dashboards, reports and (optionally) alerts out-of-the-box.

Digital documents are the next generation of documents designed for the digital age.  They turn your flat boring PowerPoints into web-ready courseware.  Using relative sizing and modern cloud-native capabilities, digital documents shape your content to maximize experiences on whatever screen or device your audience chooses to use.  Like the hard-copy documents that precede them, they bring autonomy to your team.  It means your training team can publish digitally without coding or specialist software.

Build a document, a course, a micro-site, an app!  Furthermore, you can convert desktop file formats like PDF, PPT(X), DOC(X) and XLS(S) and publish them as RICH MEDIA  digital content instantly.

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Add interest and validation to courses. Choose our database powered option

Using our intuitive composition tools you can adapt your designs, adding videos, graphics, transitions, charts, interactive components like 3D product configurators and more to create persuasive ebooks, presentations, articles, micro-sites, training courses, forms and more!

Once designed, digital documents can be published stand-alone as a dedicated URL (which you can reference directly, open via a button on your web-page, or embed into your landing pages via an i-Frame using the cut-and-paste code provided).

No Learning Management System?  No problem!

Digital documents work in a stand-alone mode.  Each is applied a dedicated URL.  This means you can publish documents as part of your website, use URLs to embed in your current elearning system or LMS, even embed courses into existing web pages using iFrames.  Even without a LMS, you are able to record and track the performance of learners, notify managers of results, recognize and award learners, and more.

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International audience?  Quickly translate your courseware for international use

 Good quality translation is expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to organize.  When it comes to online learning, the last thing you need is to have to reproduce multiple versions of video presentations in multiple languages.  We’ve partnered with AI translation and presentation software providers to allow you to access instant translation and repurposing of content.  It saves you lots of money and dramatically speeds up your time-to-market on new courseware.

Digital documents have the potential to be a revolutionary step for online trainers and compliance course providers.  They equip businesses with the tooling to publish direct from a PPTX to an interactive online course.  Adding assessments and gamification is easy thanks to the interactive tools.  It means we can execute courses faster and reduce classroom training costs.

Course attendance can be confirmed, their level of interest qualified and their knowledge checked.

Training leader, USTECH SOLUTIONS, INC.

What we do to make training course content development simpler


Custom courseware development is something every organization has to undertake.  For HR and training leaders, it becomes a major challenge to ensure all members of staff get the knowledge they need to act as responsible members of the team, appreciating company policies, workplace culture and brand expectations.  Digital documents make the design, publishing and management of policy training simpler.


Use our no-code design software to build professional courses from scratch, or instantly convert the PowerPoint courses you’ve been using for classroom training.


Add videos, charts, transitions, gamification, etc. to make your training courses more informative, entertaining,  and effective.

Add Some Interactions

Apply pre-course skills validation,  test, assessments and more using our database-driven tools.


Keep your training course content on brand by formalizing a brand schema and template design for brand consistent courseware.


Rapidly convert courseware to multiple languages using our AI translator tools integrations.


Painlessly, publish courses to a dedicated URL page  to then embed in an iFrame or share via a link.

Test and Track

Upload course delegate list to assign unique tracking codes.  Then, track and monitor delegate performance, results, interests and learning behaviors. 


Use our integrated dashboard to track learner attendance and performance, or output reports to share with compliance colleagues.