Choose the Encanvas product that’s the right fit for you.


Encanvas GlueWare™ is a technology ecosystem for deeply integrating your front-office (i.e. where your customers go to shop and serve themselves), with your back-office (i.e. where requests are processed and fulfilled).  

GlueWare™ is the digital integrations platform for your enterprise.  It bridges between your website and existing back-office systems of record used to manage your accounts, customers, logistics, service, etc.   It does this by creating No-Code automated information flows by gluing together your systems into one effective digital ecosystem.

Live Wireframe™

Live Wireframe™ is a subscription for an Encanvas  No-Code solution designed to facilitate the rapid scoping, design and deployment of an application prototype.  It is technology to support the Agile Codeless Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); an approach to creating enterprise software applications in workshops without coding.

With Encanvas, there’s no need to install lots of applications, source new software tools or jump into outsourcing every time someone identifies a process can be improved.  Everything you need to design, deploy, test and iterate applications prototypes (for desktop, mobile, tablet or digital TV) is in the subscription provided.

Features include:

  • Support for up to three business analyst developers
  • Downloadable client (integrated development environment)
  • Data connectors to integrate with third party sources
  • location-based mapping tooling
  • Simple integration of data visualizations, third-party code, scripts and algorithms
  • One click deployment
  • Comprehensive training and help resources


AppFabric™ is a subscription for an Encanvas solutions that offers simplified one-button deployment of applications created using Encanvas Create Design Studio using our across-the-desk design and publishing approach.

It takes care of tedious time-consuming app design, deployment and operational tasks such as systems integration, application services orchestration etc. It means applications designers can access the resources they need to create new apps without having to involve IT technical teams.

Expect your subscription to include:

  • Tooling to develop, version-control, test, deploy, execute, administer, monitor and manage applicationsSupport for the design of data schema and application logic
  • Scope to add third-party DLL, code, script, data visualizations, mapping engines, algorithms etc.
  • Integration tooling to securely harvest and feed data to third-party systems, code, script and applications
  • Automation of platform patching and versioning
  • Rapid application development provisioning, including a codeless approach to development of UIs, databases, business logic and data definitions
  • Support for development by non-coders
  • Single-step deployment
  • Support for enterprise-grade projects with:
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Secure access to application services
  • Technical support to customers


Our Secure&Live™ subscription gives your enterprise access to our premium No-Code platform.  It equips the Business Analysts and Architects supporting your Fusion teams with tooling to embed serve stakeholders with portal and mobile applications. 

Secure&Live™ is an enterprise High Productivity application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS).  In addition to the features included in AppFabric are additional options to scale and govern large-scale platform deployments.  It’s designed to grow with your business to fully orchestrate your business model to deliver maximum customer value and shareholder returns.

Encanvas Secure&Live contains a series of software modules.  Learn about them here.


CDP™ is a hybrid customer data platform that places customers at the heart of your business and data model.  It harvests, aggregates, cleanses and structures dta from operational systems to create a coherent and complete understanding of your customers not limited to their characteristics, choices, behaviors, preferences, transactions, feedback, sentiment, satisfaction, communications and worth.

Your customer data has huge business value because it helps to improve your ability to engage customers in conversation, on topics they care about. Then, your marketing team can use customer insights to segment markets and develop tailored offers to specific groups of customers; to deliver personalized experiences, one customer at a time. This attention to detail (and preference) has become a ‘killer-app’ in many consumer markets where buyers have so much choice.

An effective Customer Data Platform benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Creates a single-view of customer associated data across your enterprise to ensure that you’re always looking at a single version of the truth.
  • Incorporates advanced Customer Data Integration (CDI) tools – such as AI-enabled voting systems, data discovery and data quarantining routines – as standard.
  • Protects and governs customer data to prevent data loss and non compliance; particularly important owing to a hardening of financial services and personal information compliance risk.
  • Presents your management team with key actionable insights to make decisions on priorities budgets and efforts, to fine-tune processes and improve how your business works to improve customer experience and grow faster.
  • Improve segmentation, predictive modeling, customer treatments and recommendations.
  • Facilitates the simpler automation of escalations when activities don’t happen that impact on customer relationships.
  • Reduces time spent managing, processing and analyzing data.
  • Enhances the ability of the enterprise to adapt to change and react to new business opportunities and threats.


If you’re a startup, you’ll be sure to want to leverage the latest technology to bring the maximum value to your customers.  Encanvas No-Code will cut your time-to-market substantially for any new application you create. 

Encanvas apps are designed to work on PC/MAC and also on any browser-based device including desktop, mobile, tablet and digital PC.  Whilst our codeless development tooling is proprietary, the apps you deploy are standard HTML websites operate on Microsoft Azure.  It means you can trust in the outcome when you build apps on encanvas. 

The software we recommend for startups is Encanvas Live Wireframe.  It provides you with everything you need to design, deploy and operate your first apps.  If you’re happy with the result, you can then scale to global proportions.   Good luck!


We don’t charge schools, colleges or universities for our technology.  We just ask that you pay for your own hosting.  And if you need technical support beyond a reasonable level of goodwill, then you pay for it on a discounted rate.  The best product for education is our AppFabric.  It means that you can design, deploy and operate up to six apps.  Use the same platform to train your team.  You will require access to our Academy.  To get started, please subscribe to our site in the first instance and we will provide you with login details.


We had Fusion teams in mind when we created Live Wireframe. It’s a configuration of Encanvas that gives DevOps teams the ability to create new prototypes and live wireframes faster than any other method. The AppFabric framework that underpins it dramatically cuts the tasks that need to be performed to bring new apps to market.


For good causes that meet our criteria, we supply our technology for free.  Why?  Because we’re passionate about unleashing the potential of codeless applications development to help good causes achieve their ambitions.  Over the years, we’ve supplied our premium Secure&Live enterprise platform technology for free to ethical bankers, charities, university startups helping to save the planet and social entrepreneurs with great plans.  Every month, we sit down and review requests to access our software for free.  We just ask that you pay for your own hosting.  And if you need technical support beyond a reasonable level of goodwill, then you pay for it on a discounted rate of $800 / day which can be called off over time.  If you feel your enterprise justifies a free deployment of our software, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and how we can help.


Designed for digital transformations and business model orchestration, Secure&Live is our premium subscription to experience the ultimate enterprise applications platform for your business.  It includes all our AppFabric has to offer plus additional integration and expansion options for organizations that are already mature, operating internationally.  If you’re not ready to jump in, why not try out our Live Wireframing (prototyping) platform for six months first and see how you get on with it?   Secure&Live can be deployed on Microsoft Azure or on a hosting platform or service of your choice.

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