The building blocks of Encanvas

The Encanvas No-Code Digital Applications Platform

Encanvas is made up of a series of suites and software modules.  This allows customers to purchase and deploy only the technology they need to equip their IT.  These are built into the subscriptions we offer and are described below.

Encanvas Create

Encanvas Create Design Studio is our Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to facilitate No-Code development.  It supports Agile Codeless Software Development Life Cycle and removes the need to see or use code during application design workshops.

Encanvas IFX

Encanvas Information Flow Designer is cloud-deployed information-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that combines codeless data connectors with powerful robotic process automation (RPA) functionality and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) features.  It means enterprise architects can formalize workflows, bring data together, and automate mundane tasks quickly and at scale.

Encanvas AppFabric

Encanvas AppFabric is a No-Code enterprise application platform that allows business analysts and citizen developers to author enterprise-grade applications.  It progressively brings visibility, governance and added security over enterprise data assets by federating data structures to support a data-driven culture.

Encanvas Secure[Spaces]

Encanvas Secure[Spaces] is a massively-scaling secure cloud container platform.  It means that your enterprise can orchestrate tasks, processes and business models with an agile No-Code technology ecosystem.  Discover how Secure[Spaces] cuts time, cost and risk from your enterprise IT.

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