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Transform Faster

Adapt to changing market conditions, personalize customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions at the speed of business.


AppFabric enables faster data aggregation, UX and app logic design, plus faster testing, deployment, scaling and support.

Democratize App-Dev

AppFabric make data composable, breaking it down into reusable units with clear definitions and governance.


Fortify Security

Data fabrics strengthen security by providing unified governance and access controls to boost security postures.

Encanvas AppFabric – Accelerating Digital Transformation Using No-Code Apps & Co-Innovation

“The application fabric is essentially the central nervous system of a modern digital enterprise,” explains Gartner analyst . It provides the platform and services that enable agile, secure, and composable applications to be built and delivered.”

Adrian Colyer

Analyst, Gartner

Every business needs custom apps

By eliminating rigid, monolithic architectures, our aPaaS allows businesses to break down information silos and foster agility. Microservices are quickly developed and deployed, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the business. This reduces time-to-market and enables rapid responses to new opportunities.

Rich data and useful apps are a necessity in today’s data-driven world. Our aPaaS empowers various teams with secure and controlled access to data, breaking down barriers between data consumers and creators. This enables wider collaboration and data-driven decision making across the organization.

With an application fabric, data becomes composable and reusable. This allows businesses to build new applications and features faster, without having to recreate data infrastructure every time.

About Encanvas AppFabric

Think of Encanvas AppFabric as an intelligent, automated applications development layer spanning your entire data ecosystem.

It seamlessly connects data across diverse sources, platforms, and formats, hiding the complexities of storage, movement, and processing.  

Encanvas AppFabric optionally includes PassPort™ advanced security, and Hyper-Drive plug-in technology.  With Hyper-Drive, business analysts can integrate new data sources, advanced AI, data visualizations, and third-party applications into their business app designs without higher-level permissions or coding skills.

Why Invest in an Application Fabric?

Digital businesses want to create as many applications as they need and change them as often as they like. Moreover, as they build out their applications, they want to ensure that data is managed and shared across applications, to avoid creating new data silos every time a new app is built.

Furthermore, to maintain operational integrity, its essential that applications can be retired without the removal of associated data causing other apps to fall over. This calls for a data management approach that safeguards shared data assets used by multiple apps.  An application fabric combines the dexterity to grow and scale the number of custom apps created, without losing control over data or producing data silos.

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Bridge between app design teams and IT

Bridge the gap between ‘the business’ and ‘IT’ by installing appropriate data governance and role responsibilities.  Connect data silos and formalize the user experience, producing a unifying appstore.

Speed up time-to-value for new apps

✓ Remove technical obstacles to app design and deployment

✓ Encourage a ‘fail fast’ prototyping culture

✓ Master Data Management and web service strategies cascade robust IT platform support the long-tail of applications demands 

Save time and cost of IT

AppFabric reduces the complexity and cost of IT resourcing by delivering an instant-on app infrastructure and sustaining it through its life cycle.

Create an integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience for all apps developed on Encanvas.

Enhanced data security

Protect every identity, data endpoint and application with our advanced  ready-to-deploy enterprise security posture

Maximize data value

Every app you publish on AppFabric adds to your single-version-of-the-truth data warehouse.

Replace shadow systems and data

Your enterprise has dozens of self-authored spreadsheets employed to underpin processes when apps fall short.   With Encanvas AppFabric, create professional and secure apps, bringing your shadow data from out of the shadows.

Accelerate Time to Market

AppFabric offers your business a simplified one-button deployment of new apps by installing the easy unified experience users want, all while ensuring IT teams have the means to enforce appropriate controls.

Replace Shadow Systems and Data

There are dozens of self-authored spreadsheet apps across your enterprise, employed to underpin business processes where systems of record have failed to meet the needs of teams and users.  Build affordable enterprise apps that allow your IT teams to serve situational needs, taking shadow data out of the shadows.

Prototype Rapidly and Safely

Getting the balance between ‘IT’ and ‘the business’ right can be challenging.  You want to give your business analysts the freedom to innovate, but IT needs to be the ultimate guardian of data.  IT teams establish and enforce brand, security, data governance, and brand rules. That’s what AppFabric does. It sets the balance and keeps the balance!

Enforce Policies and Standards

AppFabric ensures every app created using Encanvas follows your brand and IT policies while giving app designers the freedom to innovate.

Create Enterprise Scalable Services

Every app deployed on AppFabric enjoys the massively scaling possibilities of the Encanvas ecosystem, so simple apps designed for teams can unashamedly become global winners without adding risk or complexity.

Dig Deeper…

One-button deployment

Streamline app publishing and set appropriate controls over design standards and data governance. Boost productivity, speed up results, and produce better apps. Meanwhile, Encanvas doesn’t skimp on platform functionality, data security, or scalability.

Create a curious, innovative IT culture

AppFabric equips analysts with the means to ‘fail fast’ and prototype often, adopting our across-the-desk publishing approach. Encanvas gives business analysts the power of an app dev team through rapid prototyping and no need for code testing. Remove the complexity, costs, and risks associated with coding.

Simplify integration with SSO

Improve user experience with Single-Sign-On (SSO). Minimize the time IT teams spend on managing User Permissions while maximizing the enforcement of data security and governance controls.

Improve user accessibility

Create new app components as part of a unifying ecosystem. Deliver instant access to the apps users care about. Establish role permissions, so users only see the apps relevant to their role activities.

Improve data security and governance

Apps deployed to AppFabric can have many of their attributes enforced by IT Administrators, appropriately installing checks and balances between business application design analysts and IT.

IT admins can ensure IT policies around UI design templates, accessibility, security, data privacy, and operational behaviors, making sure they’re enforced for every published app.

Power your Digital Transformation with an AppFabric


88% of organizations say they are already under-going a digital transformation


Middle-managers spend on avg, a quarter of their time searching for information... only to find that 50% of the data they find has no value


47% of job categories may be taken over by machines in the next two decades.


85% of businesses believe that cloud technology will transform their business or industry


On average over 60% of enterprise budget is spent on 'keeping the lights on' technology


40% of business managers cite a lack of urgency in the company as the biggest barrier to digital transformation

Source: 1. Altimeter Group Digital Transformation Survey 2. University of Oxford 3. Gartner (2112) 4. Gartner (2112) 5. Oxford Economics and SAP (2012) 6. MIT Sloan Mgmt. Review

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