Design your own apps in encanvas and publish them instantly on AppFabric so you can proactively manage the work that matters most. Rapidly design and deliver intuitive experiences to harness a digital across your departments.

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About AppFabric

AppFabric offers simplified one-button deployment of Live Wireframes and software modules created using Encanvas Create Design Studio using our across-the-desk publishing approach. It takes care of tedious time consuming app deployment tasks such as User Directory integration, application services orchestration etc. and means architects can access the resources they need without having to involve IT technical teams.  With AppFabric, we’ve separated all of the permissions required for business analysts and citizen developers to create enterprise-grade applications securely without demanding IT skills or resources, and without threatening business-continuity or putting your business data at risk.  AppFabric includes our awesome Hyper-Drive plug-in technology, which means business analysts can integrate advanced artificial intelligence, data visualizations, applications and data sources into their designs without needed higher-level permissions or IT skills.  Clever, huh!

The Job It Does For You

Use AppFabric to:

Bridge between app design teams and IT

Establish a smarter way of working between ‘the business’ and ‘IT’, installing appropriate data governance and role responsibilities

Formalize the user experience, producing a unifying ‘appstore’ 

Enforce policies and standards without hindering app innovation

Ensure look-and-feel stylesheets are honored in every deployed app to ensure compliance to your brand

 Speed up time-to-value for new apps

 Remove technical obstacles to app design and deployment

Encourage a ‘fail fast’ prototyping culture

Affordably make mistakes to produce best-fit apps every time

Master Data Management and web service strategies cascade robust IT platform support the long-tail of applications demands 

Reduce project costs and make more projects possible

 Fewer IT skills are required and fewer IT tools

AppFabric reduces the complexity and cost of IT projects by delivering an instant-on applications infrastructure

Create an integrated Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience for all apps developed on the Encanvas Ecosystem

Data value

AppFabric incorporates a common data management substrate across your applications platform.  It means every app you publish ADDS to your single-version-of-the-truth data warehouse.

Right-first time applications

 The fastest and securest means to deliver .NET portal and mobile applications

A Step-Change In Data Value and Re-Use

When it comes to creating apps to create a data culture and orchestrate your business model, there’s no simpler way to instal and operate your enterprise software platform than AppFabric.

Every application you create on AppFabric adds yet more data to your single-version-of-the-truth data insights. That’s because, we’ve designed the platform to create awesome enterprise apps that use a common data management substrate, so you can architect and implement an enterprise master data management plan.


All of our projects adopt a similar form. This is our three step process:

Rapidly design business model constructs as applications using ‘fail fast’ methods and principles.

Deploy apps instantly to a secure cloud.

Operate your business model and adapt it as your market evolves.

Power your Digital Transformation with an AppFabric


88% of businesses say they are already under-going a digital transformation


On average middle-managers spend a quarter of their time searching for information... only to find that 50% of the data they find has no value


47% of job categories may be taken over by machines in the next two decades.


85% of businesses believe that cloud technology will transform their business or industry


On average over 60% of enterprise budget is spent on 'keeping the lights on' technology


40% of business managers cite a lack of urgency in the company as the biggest barrier to digital transformation


1. Altimeter Group Digital Transformation Survey
2. University of Oxford
3. Gartner (2112)
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5. Oxford Economics and SAP (2012)
6. MIT Sloan Mgmt. Review

Dig deeper…

Your business needs its digital platform to automate business processes that support the delivery of your customer experience.  Your digital platform will need to address all of the information flows underpinning how your business delivers results for its customers.  Encanvas AppFabric creates a unifying appstore for all of the applications modules authored and deployed on the encanvas enterprise platform. 

It means you can speed up time-to-market of new apps without having to involve IT at every stage of every development – but, in doing so, you don’t have to add risks to your IT architecture or create an unmanageable legacy. 

With Encanvas AppFabric, create thousands of apps and software robots to orchestrate your business model while bringing smarter controls and governance over the way your information is handled.

Simplified one-button deployment

AppFabric streamlines app publishing and sets appropriate controls and balances over design standards and data governance.   It boosts IT team productivity, speeds up results, produces better apps – and doesn’t skimp on platform functionality, data security or scalability.

Encouraging a curious, prototyping IT culture

It equips analysts with the means to ‘fail fast’ and prototype often, adopting our across-the-desk publishing approach.  Encanvas gives business analysts the power of ten developers (through rapid prototyping and no need for code testing) and removes the complexity, costs, and risks of coding.

Simple Integration with User ID Systems and SSO

Every user wants a Single-Sign-On (SSO) experience that removes the need for lots of passwords and tedious sign-on tasks every time they want to use an app. Similarly, IT teams want to minimize the time they spend on managing User Permissions while maximizing the enforcement of policies to optimize data security and data governance controls.

Improving Accessibility to Apps for Users

 AppFabric makes light work of creating new app components as part of a unifying digital platform and ecosystem, bringing to users instant access to the apps they care about. It offers the ability for designers to rapidly establish role permissions for the apps they create and assign apps to roles, improving the user experience (Users only see the apps relevant to their role activities).

Improving Data Security and Governance

 Apps deployed to AppFabric can have many of their attributes enforced by IT Administrators, appropriately installing checks and balances between business application design analysts and IT.

IT Administrators are able to ensure IT policies around user interface design style templates, accessibility, security, data privacy and operational behaviors are enforced for every published application.

Replace shadow systems and data

Across your enterprise there are dozens of self-authored spreadsheet apps employed to underpin business processes where back-office systems of record have failed to meet the situational needs of teams and users. Encanvas AppFabric means you can affordably create enterprise apps visible to IT to serve situational needs, taking shadow data out of the shadows.

Speed up time to market

AppFabric offers your business a simplified one-button deployment of new apps by installing the unified appstore and single-sign-on experience Users want while equipping IT with the means to enforce appropriate controls.

Prototype rapidly, but safely

Getting the balance between ‘IT’ and ‘the business’ can be challenging.  You want to give your business analysts the freedom to innovate, but IT needs to be the ultimate guardian of data – the buck stops with IT to keep the lights on. It’s so much easier when IT teams can establish and enforce brand, security, data governance, and brand rules. That’s what AppFabric does. It sets the balance and keeps the balance!

Enforce policies and standards

AppFabric ensures every app created using Encanvas follows your brand and IT policies while giving app designers the freedom to innovate.

Create enterprise scalable services

Every app deployed on AppFabric enjoys the massively scaling possibilities of the Encanvas Ecosystem, so simple apps designed for teams can unashamedly become global winners without adding risk or complexity.

Bored of SaaS Anarchy?

SaaS apps are great, but when people need to access 3, 4 or 5 apps to get their work done, suddenly best-in-class apps become a productivity blocker. And as for the integration challenges!

AppFabric creates a friendly, accessible home page for all of the apps you need to drive your business model. Its simple yet scalable design means that you can start with one or two apps but still offers a great user experience as the number of apps grow.

Integration that maximizes the value of data

Every app deployed on AppFabric connects into the Encanvas Ecosystem. It means that all of the data sources your business consumes are tightly coupled in the data architecture, removing technical obstacles to creating apps while ensuring optimal data governance.

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