The problem we solve

The people with the ideas responsible for growing and improving businesses often struggle to turn their ideas into software apps that can be used to maximize customer value and minimize costs.  The problem is coding.  Imagine having ‘Microsoft Word for web-deployed database apps.’  That’s essentially where encanvas began.

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This is me

My name is Ian Tomlin and for my sins I’m very English, and rather old now–not the ideal persona for a software entrepreneur!  But that’s because I’m not.  People describe me as an enterprise tech marketing guy.  At the end of the boom I was made redundant and fancied trying my hand at consulting. 

Being a pragmatic marketing strategy guy went down well.  Soon, the business was growing and I needed help.  It came in the form of a guy called Nick Lawrie who I’d worked with in my previous employment.  Nick’s a financial guy.  For that reason, Nick did the other stuff (very well) that I didn’t do. 

What we didn’t know then was how the absence of really useful IT would slow down our clients in their attempts to move projects forward.  It seemed every improvement required exec teams to re-use data in new ways or build new apps to support processes.  Like others, we tried the available tools we could use to solve problems, but it was taking too long.  So we decided to create a tool that could help us to leverage the power of relational databases to make sense of data and build new forms-based apps.  It took an awesome tech wizard and mathematician (Andrew Lawrie, who happens to be Nick’s son) to turn our vision of ‘simple’ into something everyone can use.

The result is encanvas.  Within a year of developing our first desktop version, it was being used by a global consulting firm to solve their internal process issues.  The rest, as they say, is history.

If you want to take your ideas all the way through to their natural conclusion and you’re looking for ONE INTEGRATED TOOL to do it, what you’re looking for is encanvas

We created encanvas for people like Nick and me, and the business leaders we serve.  If you’re a CEO, business analyst, departmental leader, or consultant – and you’ve been looking for an enterprise-grade tech platform for designing, deploying and running professional business apps – tools that non-technical business analysts and consultants can command to progress their ideas ALL THE WAY through to an outcome – then look no further.

Let me answer the two obvious questions…

If encanvas is so good, why haven’t companies like Microsoft, Amazon, or Google produced it? 

Traditional tech companies specialize in doing ONE THING very well. It also benefits them to grow ‘one solution at a time.’  This is at odds with what you need when taking an idea through to it’s conclusion.  When following an idea, you need ONE INTEGRATED PLATFORM that does everything you can possible need, not a series of modular tools that somehow can be made to work together.  Another characteristic of tech companies is they sell tools designed for use by IT people who are trained to code.  Selling a solution that doesn’t code to IT folk is like selling the idea of Christmas to turkeys!

How does encanvas possibly know what I need in my tool-kit?

Great question.  The simple answer is we don’t.  That’s why, in addition to our powerful range of codeless design elements and wizards, we offer you the ability to ‘add anything else’ with data connectors, building block windows for C# and script – and our amazing HYPERDRIVE plug-in that takes care of everything else!