an ultra-secure no-code app platform to run 'your' business

Build impenetrable portals, apps, bots, and digital documents at scale with no code in sight

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Our Digital Document solutions let you tell stories with data and interactive experiences.  Access, share, and collaborate on critical information with unshakeable security, flexibility and unparalleled reliability

one PaaS architecture, unlimited solutions

Our ultra-secure cloud application Platform-as-a-Service allows you to build, deploy and manage as many apps, portals, digital documents and bots as you need for your next-generation workforce, eliminating spreadsheet and shadow data risks. We create digital leaders with real-time insights and secure, scalable applications.


reduction in IT maintenance overheads using ultra-secure clustered cloud spaces


mainstream organizations that will use the composable business model


of all digital workloads that will be deployed on cloud spaces by 2025


reduction in integration time afforded by a no-code data fabric

By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies, up from less than 25% in 2020.

Gartner Says Cloud Will Be the Centerpiece of New Digital Experiences - Nov 10, 2021

The missing component in digital infrastructure

Encanvas No-Code aPaaS provides data vaults, portals, apps, digital documents, and publishing solutions to handle high-volume data processing and ultra-secure needs for business-critical applications. Our no-code development platform and automation ecosystem will take your business digital.

connected SYSTEMS

Use our codeless data connectors (iPaaS) to instantly create a reporting ecosystem across your apps and business systems.

HarvestED data

Use our data bots and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool-set to augment data feeds and cleanse data.


Form your data into logical structures for reporting and perform integrity checks.


Use our hyperdrive technology to plug-in any data, app or algorithm into your reporting ecosystem.

DATA Composability

Present your data using various modular formats, including graphs, dashboards, predictive processing, and AI bots.

Expose business-critical data landscapes

Digital transformation requires advanced solutions. Without effective enterprise reporting, decisions are made without vital data insights. Bring business intelligence and data processing to the edge of the enterprise with no-code data reporting solutions.

Make data consumable with digital documents

Encanvas builds the code you need right when you need it, making it easier to design, manage, safeguard, and scale digital solutions.

Deploy CDF files as dashboards, documents, mobile or desktop applications, web pages, or complete websites.

Make Data Useful

Answer why and what if questions with actionable data insights

Cut Costs

Remove the high cost and time drain of reporting across your enterprise


Keep Data Safe

Protect data end-points and access to data with a secure cloud ecosystem

Grow Data Value

Form a single source of truth with Encanvas data hub

Remove Risks

Overcome the risks of using spreadsheets for business critical reporting


Scale Faster

Easily scale reporting to serve stakeholders with personalized portal experiences

Experience enterprise data reporting remastered