A digital platform to orchestrate your business model perfectly without coding

What we do

ENCANVAS exists to equip enterprises with the technology they need to translate their business model into a digital platform and ecosystem; turning customer value more efficiently into profits.

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Our approach

Digital businesses face a tough choice between using a third party digital platform and ecosystem, or building their own.  ENCANVAS exists to make business model orchestration, so your enterprise can maximize its customer value and turn it into profit more efficiently than ever before.  

Building your digital platform and ecosystem

Create your own best-fit business model orchestrating by producing software modules, one module at a time in workshops with stakeholders. You don't need to know how to code, but you do need to know how your business model works!


Envision your business model and translate it into a digital platform and ecosystem for your business


Securely deploy and iterate your information management system, embedding the latest artificial intelligence and data visualization tech into your business processes


Run and scale your digital platform in line with your global market ambitions!  Continue to iterate and adapt your digital platform and ecosystem to reflect changes to your business model

A Next Generation Digital Platform Ecosystem 

Translate your business model into an effective digital platform to convert customer value into shareholder returns requires a unique software platform built for the purpose.


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Fastest time-to-value based on fail-fast prototyping principles

Back in 2003, we created a toolkit for translating business model ideas into hyper efficient digital platforms and ecosystems able to eradicate inefficiencies and efficiently turn customer value into profits.  The result is Encanvas.  Tech analyst firms describe it as a High-Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS) but we see it as a business profit enabler that sits above enterprise systems and equips business model innovators with the means to design, deploy and operate the apps your business needs to gain its competitive advantage.

Lowest project risk

Producing a digital platform can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Encanvas offers a proven and complete building block design approach to speed up digital platform design and deployment. It removes the need for programming skills to enable live wireframes to be deployed in days, sometimes hours.

Awesome scalability and integration possibilities

Encanvas is enterprise-ready software designed for large scale deployments and simple replication.  It combines the latest cloud container technology with version control technologies to support massively scaling applications.  Our clever plug-in ecosystem means that designers can leverage the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize business models.

Breathtaking information management design controls

As soon as your business model needs data, you have a challenge.  Sourcing clean, useful data and processing it is never simple.  Re-using data for new purposes is fraught with data integrity issues.  Encanvas combines advanced robotics and AI algorithms with state-of-the-art transformation and cleansing tooling to produce new data marts and warehouses to drive your business model.  We give your business the decision engine it needs to create a culture of curiosity and the opportunity to answer new questions as they arise.

Intuitive usability matched with eye-popping results

Nobody has time to reference a User Manual nowadays.  Whether your users are using a desktop, tablet or mobile device, with Encanvas, beautiful and intuitive apps come as standard.  Our plug-in technologies enable designers to access the latest data visualization and mapping technologies to bring data to life.


Uncompromising data security

Data is essential to modern business, but it comes with risks.  In the connected digital age, it’s become ever more difficult to keep data safe.  Encanvas is trusted by governments and global corporations because it’s arguably the safest place for enterprise data that supports critical data flows.

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