Answer every what if question without data crunching, coding or spreadsheets

Encanvas meets your business critical enterprise reporting and automation needs
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Make data useful

Answer why and what if questions with actionable data insights

Cut costs

Remove cost and time drain of reporting across your enterprise


Keep data safe

Protect data end-points,  data in movement, and access to data with our secure cloud ecosystem

Increase data value

Form a single version of the truth with a data fabric to make data composable

Remove risk

Overcome the risks of using spreadsheets for business critical reporting 


Scale faster

Easily scale reporting to serve stakeholders with personalized portal experiences

Encanvas forms a fabric of useful data across your enterprise

Team looking at digital document data

Digital businesses run on data

Your business relies on data to make decisions, improve processes, and understand customers.  The problem is, it lacks a data fabric interlayer of useful composable data between its IT systems and people.

Encanvas is a cloud-native enterprise aPaaS.  It delivers real-time reporting and digital solutions development at scale by producing a Composable Data Architecture (CDA).

It installs a data safe, robust and resilient reporting ecosystem across and beyond your enterprise to serve up the data landscape leaders need to understand and act on.  Use it to eradicate the risks and sub-optimal performance of spreadsheet reporting at scale.

Find the missing components of your composable business model

To make data ‘composable’ your business needs the following codeless technology constructs that only ENCANVAS delivers out-of-the-box:

Get connected

Use our codeless data connectors (iPaaS) to instantly create a reporting ecosystem across your apps and business systems.

Harvest data

Use our data bots and Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool-set to augment data feeds and cleanse data.

Data repository

Form your data into logical structures for reporting and perform integrity checks.


Use our hyperdrive technology to plug-in any data, app or algorithm into your reporting ecosystem


Present your data to dashboards, notification engines, predictive processing and AI bots

The shift to Composable Data Architecture (CDA)


The no. of mainstream organizations that will use the composable business model as a strategic objective by the end of 2023


Reduction in integration time afforded by a data fabric (our case studies over 10 years suggest it's more like 60%!)


Reduction in IT maintenance overheads using a data fabric with cloud spaces


% of all digital workloads that will be deployed on cloud spaces by 2025

Source: Gartner 2022 trends and reports

By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies up from less than 25% in 2020. 

'Gartner Says Cloud Will Be the Centerpiece of New Digital Experiences' article - Nov 10, 2021

Expose the business critical data landscapes of your enterprise with a Composable Data Architecture

Digital transformation calls for more advanced solutions to understand and serve customers.  Without effective business critical enterprise reporting, decisions must be made without vital data insights. 

Take business intelligence and data processing to the edge of the enterprise with no-code data reporting solutions. Say goodbye to spreadsheets.

encanvas screenshot

Make data more consumable with digital documents

While IT teams code, your opportunity slips away. Coding is time-consuming and prone to errors, leaving your data vulnerable.  Encanvas builds the code you need, when you need it.

Digital documents do most of the heavy lifting, preventing errors and making it easier to design, manage, safeguard, and scale digital solutions. 

Deploy CDF files as dashboards, documents, mobile or desktop apps, web-pages, or websites.

IT team looking at digital document platform


Analyst looking at a data fabric on screen

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