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What is it?

An application platform supporting the co-creation of business applications. Encanvas is ideal for DevOps teams and prototyping. Design, deploy and operate enterprise scale business apps without coding.

Make apps design easy and affordable

Create as many apps as you like and adapt them, time and again.  You don’t need to code. That means no bugs, smaller IT and better apps – and it’s safe for data too.

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Apps made as quickly as your business adapts

One of the fundamental challenges of enterprise IT is that the digital age demands that apps develop as quickly as your team has new ideas. That's a problem with traditional IT tools and methods because it simply takes too long to create apps using programming. That's why we came up with Encanvas and Live Wireframing. It means you can create apps in workshops with the people who know what they need. They are the best people to advise on apps design. Why try to build apps in back-rooms when you can design them 'iteratively' with the people that use and benefit from them to guarantee right-first-time results?

  • Reduce project risk / improve time-to-market

  • Produce more apps with fewer designers using code-less tools

  • Make data more re-usable and safer by displacing shadow systems

  • Optimize access and use of data with modern data visualization tooling

Our team

Many business people lack the tools they need to excel in their roles. The team of people behind Encanvas is passionate about the potential of codeless applications design tools and methods to release workers from the confines of poor quality software apps that hinder people power. We're experts in data and rapid application development methods.
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Encanvas gives your analysts the ability to build apps - without coding - ten times faster than programmers. Interested?

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