5 Reasons to Buy

Good reasons to choose Encanvas as your enterprise app platform

Change at the speed of light.

Competitive advantage comes from being the first to market, the ability to adapt to change as it happens, take ideas into solutions better than any other business in your discipline.  That’s what encanvas brings to its user community.

Many apps, one data model.

Data is hard to use easily when it’s distributed across a multitude of apps and locations. Thanks to AppFabric technology and massively-scaling software architecture, you can build as many apps as you need and organize them on one platform that produces a single re-usable data architecture.

A new level of digital automation anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

Few companies know which of their processes are fully-automated, partially automated, or manual.  Encanvas is a private cloud deployed platform that supports the operation of private and public applications.  Advanced security features bring unrivalled transparency and control to enterprise data.  It digitizes the DNA of your enterprise and helps you to design, formalize, and automate your business one process at a time.  

Lowest cost design, deployment and operation.

Encanvas creates apps without coding so you don’t need dev teams or scrums, just encanvas and a good idea.  It also includes codeless data connectors to integrate with your favorite third-party software easily.  Once installed, it supplies advanced cloud library management to allow all deployments to be managed centrally.  And our VERSIONING technology means you only need to upgrade apps when it suits you!  

Everything in the box you’ll ever need.

We’ve designed encanvas so you can take your ideas all the way into professional software apps using ONE TOOL. It offers all the building blocks you’ll ever need to build apps without coding. We’ve also gone a step further with our HYPER-PLUGIN that allows you to embed existing code, script, DLLs, data visualizations, AI and more into the encanvas apps platform for unrivalled innovation and growth opportunities.

Experience codeless enterprise application software