Unleash the New Workforce: How Clustered Cloud Can Supercharge Your Team

by Ian C. Tomlin | 2 March 2024

Get up-to-speed on clustered private cloud architecture and discover the digital ecosystem you need to implement hyper-automation and hyper-scaling through an army of RPA bots and software-powered M2M information flows.

The modern workforce is no longer confined to human employees. We now have a powerful new team of digital workers and cognitive AI co-workers and machine-to-machine information flow automation bots – a dynamic blended data-driven ecosystem of document publishing tools, intelligent applications, user-friendly portals, and AI-powered cognitive robots. But how do you maximize their productivity?

Enter no-code clustered cloud software architecture. This innovative digital ecosystem empowers your digital workforce by providing an agile, secure, scalable, collaborative, and governed environment.

A clustered cloud architecture brings centralized control and governance to your cloud architecture, with no-code admin tools and greater analytics to accelerate information management and digital strategies.

Your Digital Innovation Bottleneck

Many organizations rely on traditional IT infrastructure, often a mix of on-premise servers and public cloud solutions. While these setups have served us well, they struggle to keep pace with the demands of a rapidly growing digital workforce. Here’s why:

Security Silos

Public cloud environments create security concerns, especially when integrating numerous digital tools.  It’s not that they’re unsafe for data, just that they might be.  Clustered private clouds address this by offering isolated data management and processing centers within your infrastructure, ensuring a Fort Knox level of security for your sensitive data and applications.

Scalability Struggles

Public cloud scaling is cumbersome and expensive. Adding new digital workers – like AI assistants or process automation tools – often requires negotiating with cloud providers and incurring additional costs. Clustered clouds offer on-demand scalability. Simply add new apps, bots, and more resources to your cluster to accommodate new tools or increased workload.

Performance Lag

 Shared resources in public cloud environments often lead to compromises in the customizability and performance of apps and solutions.  Clustered clouds simplify the publishing and scaling of technology deployments while managing data security and infrastructure resourcing needs to mirror demands.

The Engine Room for Your Digital Workforce

A clustered cloud environment removes the limitations of fragmented cloud computing architectures and traditional low-code/hi-code tooling.  It creates the perfect data-rich and agile breeding ground for your team to adapt the apps and software bots they use and thrive.

Secure Collaboration

Share data with storytelling using interactive digital documents and automate information flows seamlessly between machines and humans. Gain complete control over your data assets and published systems while fostering collaboration and sponsoring digital improvements.

Effortless Scalability

Need to deploy a new AI solution or onboard a fleet of chatbots?  Clustered clouds allow you to scale your digital workforce up or down to meet fluctuating demands. This agility ensures your IT infrastructure adapts seamlessly to your business needs.

Enhanced Performance

Dedicated resources allocated to each cloud space within a clustered cloud environment will ensure peak performance for your team. This translates to faster processing times, smoother user experiences, and ultimately, a more productive digital team.

Cost Optimization

Public cloud costs can be unpredictable. Clustered clouds offer predictable fixed expenditure – with no platform scaling costs or upgrade costs ever.

Embrace the Clustered Cloud Revolution

By adopting a clustered cloud architecture, you’re investing in the future of your business. You’re empowering your human workforce with a team of tireless and ever-evolving digital bots, all operating within a secure, scalable, and cost-effective environment.  Furthermore, you are bringing an additional layer of data governance and systems control to your toolkit, so you will never have to wonder what data existed or has been lost in the event of a data breach.   With Encanvas Secure Spaces, the clustered cloud revolution is here today.  Are you ready to unleash the full potential of your new digital workforce?

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Further Reading

For many CIOs, public cloud solutions haven’t delivered on all their promises with the five main concerns CIOs have with Public Cloud solutions being:

  1. Shortfalls in the transparency of data security and associated safeguards, including concerns over endpoint logging and controls.
  2. Challenges of replication and scalability to serve global expansions and the proliferation of apps, digital documents and bots.
  3. Unpredictable (and therefore budgetable) long-term costs.
  4. Sub-optimal administrative costs to support an ever-growing mesh of cloud apps and portals–heightened by concerns over replicating and scaling solutions to honor compliance requirements.
  5. Poor governance and log recording of key data privacy, data security and data asset considerations.

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