Midlands Vauxhall Levers Data to Win More Repeat Business

Coventry, England

Midlands Vauxhall is well recognized in The Midlands, UK for being one of the most respected Vauxhall-centric motor dealer brands.  With long-established showrooms in Coventry, Daventry and Rugby the company has forged trusted relationships with its consumer and business customers.  The company now serves over 3000 customers with a substantial base of Motability and van sales.

The Problem

This motor dealer group lacked a process for creating targeted promotional campaigns despite having rich data on customers past and present.

Consequently, marketing and advertising resources were not optimally allocated and business opportunities were certainly missed.

The sales leadership knew that events in the customer life-cycle created opportunities for new and repeat business (such as the end of a warranty period, an overdue service or a costly service two to three years into the ownership of a vehicle.  The management team wanted to alert their sales-teams to these opportunities but lacked the means to obtain this insight from back-office systems of record. 

The Solution

We delivered:

  • A process design that would result in lists of relevant targets being derived from the application of complex (or simple) criteria.
  • A technical platform on which to run these processes that gathered information from various source systems, normalized the data and applied user-selected criteria to the ‘raw’ lists.

The Results

The efficacy of the client’s promotional spend was significantly increased and an excellent ROI was realized.

  • Increase in sales leads (from existing data) 22% 22%
  • Increase in opportunities 16% 16%
  • Increase in sales 8% 8%