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encanvas cdp combines a customer data platform with the benefits of advanced data integration and codeless rapid applications development. It’s designed for businesses seeking to place customers at the heart of everything they do,  bringing the means to orchestrate experiences that drive growth.   Software able to change as quickly as your markets. Orchestrate your business perfectly without codingTurn ideas into enterprise applications.


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2003 – 2020

Making the impossible possible with codeless enterprise applications development since 2003.

Maximizing customer experience, always re-inventing

To deliver an above and beyond customer experience, any enterprise needs to build a rich picture of what matters most to a customer.  To achieve this requires data to be harvested from operational processes (and apps) to create a holistic single view of the customer world.  You will need to place customers at the very heart of your data design – and the means to re-invent.  To do that you’ll need a Customer Data Platform, and the tools to create apps to apply learning lessons.  Traditional SaaS applications only serve to fragment data, build complexity into enterprise IT architectures, and make it difficult to re-purpose data.  Encanvas CDP, when combined with Encanvas AppFabric, lets you achieve greater customer intimacy whilst creating applications, one at a time, built on a common application framework substrate that means your customer landscape progressively comes into view.

Illustration of Encanvas Customer Data Platform Architecture

You need a Customer Data Platform to create an awesome customer experience

 A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an enterprise computer processing platform used to harvest, aggregate, cleanse, manage, process, analyze and output customer associated data. Data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile. This structured data is then made available to other marketing systems. Unlike a Customer Database, a Customer Data Platform extends its functionality to all aspects of the customer lifecycle. Normally it will include campaign management and the provisioning of multi-channel communications. Advanced systems will manage customer offers and promotions.  It is the key enabling technology to equip your business to enact Customer Experience Management (CEM).

“You could say that effective Customer Experience Management happens when you continuously take stock of the customer experience, and act on the learning lessons to improve it, where Customer Experience is the sum of experiences that people have during the whole relationship with a given product or service.  You need to know what to improve and how to do it. And then do it.”

Take data seriously and create an awesome customer experience

Every business understands the impact of outstanding customer experience. To achieve thaht, you need to understand the value of data.  Think of businesses like Amazon, whose singular purpose is obsessive Customer Fanaticism; placing the customer at the heart of everything it does. They know their ability to extract value from data makes the difference.  Like Amazon, if you want to delight customers with personalized offers then you’ll need to be world-class at capturing and making sense of lots of data about the customers you serve.  Modern marketing methods rely on data to drive decision making. It eliminates the guesswork of content marketing because marketers know what motivates customers and the characteristics that profile the best-fit audience for their products and services.

Without a Customer Data Platform, the ability to appreciate the value and characteristics of customer relationships is rarely that straight-forward. In practice data is stored in silos, whether organizational or technological, and this makes it challenging for companies to deliver consistent customer experiences.Customer data is anything that identifies a customer, or indeed any associated data that results from customer interactions including purchases, transactions and customer service communications.

Capabilities of an effective Customer Experience platform

The five capabilities you should expect from a Customer Experience Management solution include the ability to:

 1. Harvest customer experience and sentiment insights from all channels of communications you use with customers Your insights should include your website interactions, social media conversations, customer surveys, face-to-face sales discussions, web-chat, events, search terms, transactions and project details; anything that helps to build a complete view of the customer journey. 

2. Analyze and interpret actionable insights (that you can do something about), and follow that with action. It should empower you and your employees to create (and sustain) customer experiences that delight.

 3. Manage and govern customer data to create a trusted single view of data, and a repository that can maintain the currency and richness of data whilst providing systems administrators with a high level of governance.

4. Improve customer segmentation, products and processes by connecting to operations and processes, beginning to end – throughout the customer journey.

 5. Establish an enterprise-wide commitment to a data-driven ethos and an above and beyond customer experience. Improving the customer experience encompasses every business function, not just those you might think of, like sales, marketing and customer service.  It should touch all employees, because everyone has a role to play in improving experience throughout the customer journey. To achieve this level of commitment requires systems that report accurately on customer profitability; not just revenue insights and relationship understanding.

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