HyperDrive: Making HyperAutomation possible

HyperAutomation is revolutionizing businesses, powered by new integration ware that makes it easier to glue AI, RPO, IOT and other tech advancements into incumbent business processes.   HyperDrive is an example of the bleeding edge of this new enterprise tech. But how does it work and why is it so different to APIs and other data connectors?

Why companies need to HyperAutomate

When the back-office doesn’t link to the front-office

Does your business have the ‘Amazonian’ capability to process every customer request directly from its web-shop or eCommerce site?  If the answer is no, you wouldn’t be alone.  A study by McKinsey of a leading high-street bank a decade ago found that almost 60% of processes still used hard-copy forms or required some level of human intervention.  The fact is, the majority of business processes in most companies aren’t automated still today.

Leveraging codeless iPaaS innovation to drive automation

Digital transformation these days isn’t a new phenomenon, it’s business as usual. With so many advances in digital technology over the past decade—Internet of Things, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, drones, and software bots to name a few. It’s hardly surprising that businesses are keen to find smarter ways of enveloping this innovation into their core business processes.  A new(ish) technology that can help is a codeless integration Platform-as-a-Service like Encanvas.

The role of a codeless iPaaS is to build a bridge between the data silos that span the enterprise to form up a single-version of the truth when it comes to the critical data landscapes executives need to see.

Garbage in, garbage out

The quality of data that new app designers want to consume into their workflows remains the biggest single reason why projects derail. Try harvesting data from two or more apps and the challenges soon mount up.

For one thing, many systems still lack a codeless iPaaS to expose their data. Another challenge comes from the fact that businesses don’t always use software the way authors intended, and this can lead to data tables with many omissions. Incomplete data makes matching and organizing data hard to get right.

Even when you can (1) access data, and (2) find it to be of a reasonable quality, there remains the constant challenges of managing sessions (to prevent them from timing out), and knowing what to do with the data once you’ve got it uploaded.

The problem HyperDrive solves – taking data preparation beyond regular iPaaS features

For more than a decade, there have been a variety of Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) products available to app developers that will ‘take care’ of data uploads, transformation and republishing tasks.

But any app developer knows, consuming data often requires a lot of pre and post processing, much of which has to happen server-side on a relational database platform like SQL. All these scripts become a critical ingredient of deployed applications, the hidden heroes of new digital transformation projects. After a while, they become invisible to users and administrators, cogs in the data processing machine that few people can see, or know exist.

And that’s a problem.  Because, when you want to adapt or change your app, there’s a good chance you will need to go back a re-bake these logic rules. If the developers that built these scripts move on, that can leave your project in a mess.

How HyperDrive changes everything

One of the biggest shortcomings of low-code and no-code enterprise app platforms has been their inability to think of everything.

Every now and then, requirements come along that demand more than the collection of app building blocks provided by the provider. For business-critical apps, very often, in-house development teams have over the years found themselves having to rebuild low-code deployments with hi-code solutions on enterprise systems like Oracle, Salesforce, or SAP.

Until now that is.

Encanvas, one of the leading providers of no-code enterprise applications platforms, has this year introduced a new technology called HyperDrive.

HyperDrive is an agnostic  data plug-in technology that enables app developers to ingest code, script, third-party data sources, algorithms, and app plug-ins and DLLs into its no-code integrated development environment (IDE)—all done without scripting and coding.  Which is clever, but what makes HyperDrive cleverer still is that the Encanvas team has added data pre-processing and post-processing into its HyperDrive tool.

Screenshot of Encanvas HyperDrive functionality.  The feature is built into the Encanvas Integrated Development Environment

encanvas data plug in toolware


  • Add third-party data, app plug-ins, algorithms and more into apps without coding or scripting
  • Pre- and post-processing built in.
  • Extends functionality of the Encanvas No-Code Integrated Development Environment


  • Faster time to value of new apps—Ingest the latest digital technologies and best-of-breed apps into your business workflows without coding or scripting
  • Brings transparency to data integrations, reducing maintenance
  • Creates a No-Code Enterprise App Platform that can be extended by user organizations, de-risking No-Code adoption for enterprise businesses
Francesca Manley

Francesca Manley


Francesca is an independent writer and head of communications for technology brands.  Armed with a passion for writing about innovative technologies that can transform business, she serves on the management team of Encanvas and has worked as a public relations adviser to the executive teams of various companies including Newton Day Ltd, TwoMinute Reads.com, NDMC Consulting, PrinSIX Technologies, and Answer Pay helping to rethink their marketing in order to tell their brand story.  She can be reached via LinkedIn.

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