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Challenges every business faces when building a digital platform


When humans code they make mistakes and that creates bugs...

ENCANVAS automates the creation of apps using wizards and simple drag and drop tools, all but removing the need for coding. Removing programming overheads on projects removes the barrier that exists between IT and business professionals that understand their needs best. That produces better applications faster. It speeds up application delivery and reduces project risks.

Too Many Dev Tools

Traditional development tools have demanded expert IT skills, and this serves to fragment project teams. The net result is a demand for lots of IT people.

Large IT project teams require huge numbers of meetings and another layer of analysts and project managers to govern them. These technical skills results are hard to find today and often come at a high price. All of this adds to costs and reduces the agility of the design team. The best way of achieving results on software innovation projects is to have small teams working smart, failing fast and achieving quick wins that stimulate faster progress.

Over-Specifying Apps, Creating Complexity

If you ask every stakeholder what they need from a software app, the list will suddenly flow to two pages or more.

Attempt to build everything on day one results in bloated apps that demand more. Managing complexity is a huge issue in IT. Nobody wants to create complex systems that add even greater burdens to legacy IT maintenance. ENCANVAS balances dexterity with control. Each design element adopts common data connectors and characteristics that simplify application design while producing the least cost operational overheads.

Designing Apps Around Existing Norms

It’s human nature to build apps around the operational behaviors and resources we know today.

It’s a common mistake to assume roles and organizational structures will continue as they are without considering possibilities to displace tedious data processing tasks with artificial intelligence and machine-to-machine interfaces.

Data Harvesting

Many businesses struggle to innovate new platforms and solutions because their data is trapped in legacy platforms.

ENCANVAS is supplied with powerful code-less integration tools that make light work of harvesting and cleansing data.

Legacy Drain

Organizations often have a major financial obligation to maintain or displace their legacy systems.

Sometimes, costs and risks associated with legacy systems can offer decision makers a stark choice: Invest in innovative solutions to produce more stakeholder value or keep existing systems alive. Encanvas gives you the best alternative: to affordability create the new apps your stakeholders demand whilst migrating data from legacy systems to forge a new ‘umbrella’ system to make legacy systems redundant over time.

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