Explore some of the common reasons why enterprises use ENCANVAS to get their jobs done

Use Cases

Business Model Orchestration

We’ve some great examples of businesses that have re-defined their competitiveness by orchestrating their business model as a digital platform.  Examples include motor retail where we worked with companies like Sandicliffe Motor Group to create a richer view of their customers, increasing sales results in vehicle sales and services.  Another example is found in the Office Equipment industry where Ovrall Eesti developed a platform (not called ‘CLIO’) that enables them to achieve game-changing business understanding matched by an outstanding customer experience.


Legacy Migration

It’s common for organizations to find their IT spend getting ever more absorbed in propping up aging applications that no longer deliver the value that stakeholders expect. Department heads get caught between investing their available budget on enhancements to keep going for longer without finding a long-term solution. ENCANVAS helps organizations to achieve their short and long-term goals by delivering stakeholder needs today while porting data out of aging systems which can then be retired.

Customer and Business Insights

Having a forensic appreciation of what matters most to customers, what characteristics they possess and which are the most profitable, helps our clients to achieve top-quartile growth.  Are you able to gain single view of your customer landscape?



Displacing tedious tasks fulfilled by humans with machine automations works best when information systems are designed around the best-fit business model and not the incumbent approaches, systems and norms of behavior.  How does your business automate for the next new?


Database Application Development

When information is the lifeblood of business, organizing it, protecting it, ensuring its integrity – all of these things become business-critical.  Organizations  working hard to become data-centric demand ever more data mart and relational database applications, displacing use of spreadsheets.


Location-Based (Geo-Mapping) Apps

Knowing were customers, assets, salespeople and offices are located can make all the different to understanding data sets.  Location-based sales and marketing is increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, producing greater intimacy in customer contact activities.  Until now, it’s not been possible for every app to include location-based visualizations.  With Encanvas maps, every data-set with a geo-reference can be easily mapped.


Artificial Intelligence

Use of artificial intelligence can be game-changing, which is probably why one in every five corporations have already got at least one artificial intelligence solution up and running.  But it’s only the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible.  ENCANVAS equips organizations with the means to plug-in advanced technologies like AI and BLOCKCHAIN into their existing business processes faster, and more economically, than any other means.



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Our rapid development approach benefits from only needing one architect or analyst to drive the design process, removing the need for scrums, coding, testing or tuning.

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