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Transformative technology to fast-track your IT

ENCANVAS uses code-less design, software robotics and automation to remove barriers to change for IT.  It enables non-programmer business analysts to specify new applications ‘across the desk’ to stakeholders in workshops, killing off forever the need for programmers in stuffy back-office rooms.

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We frequently publish blog articles on subbjects of why business model orchestration is so important and how to do it. We also cover tech topics on the rewards of applying leading-edge technologies. Read them here.

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Encanvas is award-winning technology.  It painlessly overcomes complex technical challenges, dealing with the mundane and allowing IT experts to specialize in artificial intelligence and algorithms that bring real value to your enterprise.  Here you can read about our Ecosystem.

Introducing the Encanvas Digital Ecosystem

Our Architecture

Encanvas is a .NET-oriented cloud-architected product. Now in its third generation, Encanvas combines some of the latest thinking in high productivity applications enablement ecosystems including code-less design, appstore and plug-in design, point-and-click data connectors, embedded ETL tools, software robotics, social tooling and geo-data mapping.

Architecture Specs

Data Design and Culture

Encanvas has been solving information management challenges and helping organizations to leverage the value of their data for almost two decades.  Find out how you can maximize the value of your information, build a decision engine and create a data culture across your business by reading our eBook today.

Creating a Data Culture eBook


Yours is not the first enterprise re-visit how it leverages competitive advantage from its information management approach. Read some of our previous success stories of the past two decades.

Our Case Stories


Sometimes it pays to leverage technologies that have become industry standard and everyone knows.  Other times, the technology simply isn’t there to do the job.  Explore the innovations in Encanvas; the industry firsts that we innovated because they didn’t exist when we first came up with the idea of a business model orchestration platform back in 2002.

Industry Firsts and Innovations

Fastest time-to-value based on fail-fast prototyping principles

Back in 2003, we created a toolkit for translating business model ideas into hyper efficient digital platforms and ecosystems able to eradicate inefficiencies and efficiently turn customer value into profits.  The result is Encanvas.  Tech analyst firms describe it as a High-Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS) but we see it as a business profit enabler that sits above enterprise systems and equips business model innovators with the means to design, deploy and operate the apps your business needs to gain its competitive advantage.

Lowest project risk

Producing a digital platform can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Encanvas offers a proven and complete building block design approach to speed up digital platform design and deployment. It removes the need for programming skills to enable live wireframes to be deployed in days, sometimes hours.

Awesome scalability and integration possibilities

Encanvas is enterprise-ready software designed for large scale deployments and simple replication.  It combines the latest cloud container technology with version control technologies to support massively scaling applications.  Our clever plug-in ecosystem means that designers can leverage the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize business models.

Breathtaking information management design controls

As soon as your business model needs data, you have a challenge.  Sourcing clean, useful data and processing it is never simple.  Re-using data for new purposes is fraught with data integrity issues.  Encanvas combines advanced robotics and AI algorithms with state-of-the-art transformation and cleansing tooling to produce new data marts and warehouses to drive your business model.  We give your business the decision engine it needs to create a culture of curiosity and the opportunity to answer new questions as they arise.

Intuitive usability matched with eye-popping results

Nobody has time to reference a User Manual nowadays.  Whether your users are using a desktop, tablet or mobile device, with Encanvas, beautiful and intuitive apps come as standard.  Our plug-in technologies enable designers to access the latest data visualization and mapping technologies to bring data to life.


Uncompromising data security

Data is essential to modern business, but it comes with risks.  In the connected digital age, it’s become ever more difficult to keep data safe.  Encanvas is trusted by governments and global corporations because it’s arguably the safest place for enterprise data that supports critical data flows.