A secure software infrastructure platform for deploying Encanvas applications on a private cloud that removes platform deployment infrastructure dependencies and overheads

About Secure Spaces

Secure(Spaces)™ is a secure private cloud container architecture designed to deliver unprecedented levels of security and IT operational efficiencies provisioning for deployed software apps.  Every aspect of the platform has been designed expressly to keep data safe and achieve IT productivity gains. It’s all about how apps are managed and deployed.

The Job It Does For You

Use Secure(Spaces) to:

Maximize time-to-value

  • Remove the technology obstacles relating to the deployment and governance of apps

Maximize governance and security over deployed applications

  • Keep data secure before, during and after deployment
  • Install rules and logs to monitor and escalate endpoint activities

Maximize adaptability

  • Adapt, replicate and scale applications painlessly

    Maximize IT productivity

    • Simplify deployment of apps
    • Simplify replication of apps
    • Simplify changes and enhancements

    Minimize legacy burden

    • Thanks to Version-RollBack technology, never have to upgrade platform!

    Minimize costs

    • Reduce IT costs for applications development, deployment and iteration
    • No cost of change for life platforms when Encanvas underpins your apps!

    Minimize complexity

    • Lots of apps, one applications platform with no need for plug-ins unless you want to!



    All of our projects adopt a similar form. This is our three step process:

    1. Rapidly design business model constructs as applications using ‘fail fast’ methods and principles.

    2. Deploy apps instantly to a secure cloud.

    3. Operate your business model and adapt it as your market evolves.

    Some Facts About Digital Transformation


    88% of businesses say they are already under-going a digital transformation


    On average middle-managers spend a quarter of their time searching for information... only to find that 50% of the data they find has no value


    47% of job categories may be taken over by machines in the next two decades.


    85% of businesses believe that cloud technology will transform their business or industry


    On average over 60% of enterprise budget is spent on 'keeping the lights on' technology


    40% of business managers cite a lack of urgency in the company as the biggest barrier to digital transformation


    1. Altimeter Group Digital Transformation Survey
    2. University of Oxford
    3. Gartner (2112)
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    5. Oxford Economics and SAP (2012)
    6. MIT Sloan Mgmt. Review

    Dig deeper…

    Engineered with edge and cloud computing in mind, Encanvas Secure(Spaces)™ hugely reduces the unpredictable costs and risk of delays in applications deployment.  It’s a modern private cloud container architecture that fully leverages Microsoft .NET and the latest big data, robotics, ETL, AI and data visualization technologies.

    Rapid configuration of your secure apps platform

    The Encanvas Ecosystem builds and operates secure, scalable and industry-standard applications. At one time, deploying the Microsoft® Web Platform and configuring multiple instances of Encanvas would take lots of skill and time. That’s why we developed Encanvas Secure(Spaces)™.
    It’s a private cloud container-based software architecture that equips IT Administrators with the means to rapidly configure and maintain secure cloud-space at very low frictional cost.

    Faster Time-To-Market

     Remote(Spaces)™ dramatically reduces the time-to-market of new applications. It removes the effort and time needed to install and configure a Microsoft® Web Platform, along with integration with User Directories, relational database software, and applications resources.

    Easy to use configuration tools mean that new Encanvas applications environments are easily created, and once published, are easily maintained and replicated! The time needed to replicate new applications environments can be measured in minutes, not hours.

    A Secure Bridge between Desktops and Servers

    Secure(Spaces)™ employs TCP-IP and Secure TCP-IP communications technology (we call ‘tunnels’) to install a bridge between remote spaces and desktop PCs/laptops that are used to publish and consume data. It gives IT Administrators the ability to define parameterized services, and Users the means to access HTTPS online applications as if they were using embedded desktop applications.

    Unprecedented Highs Standards of Data Security

    Secure(Spaces)™ delivers unprecedented levels of data security provisioning. Every aspect of the platform is designed expressly to ensure that ISO 27001 good practices can be embedded in the way applications are created, managed and deployed.

    De-skill Platform Configuration

    It used to require expert skills to deploy applications environments. Secure(Spaces)™ de-skills the task of creating new private-cloud environments through its easy to use configuration tools. There’s no longer any need for IT to use script or code!

    Encouraging Prototyping, Removing IT Costs

    Secure(Spaces)™ hugely reduces the unpredictable costs and risk of delays in applications deployment. All too often, the various building blocks of the Microsoft Web Platform and hardware specific variables can stand in the way of a smooth applications roll-out. Removing the risk of setup issues means that software developers and business analysts can focus their time and effort on ‘the job’ of rolling out new applications without the obstacles traditionally present when creating new instances of an applications environment.

    Encouraging Prototyping, Removing IT Costs

    Through its ability to reduce the time, skills and risks associated with applications environment setup, Secure(Spaces)™ improves profitability on projects to design and deploy new applications. It removes the ‘variable costs’ associated with roll-outs.

    Richer Desktop Applications Experiences

    Some applications benefit from being embedded. Secure(Spaces)™ enables desktop users to use Windows .NET applications from their PC, laptop or tablet as if they were installed, removing the technical constraints of Web Browser solutions.

    Ultra secure cloud containers

    If you want private clouds that are as safe as houses for your apps, take a lot at Encanvas Secure(Spaces)™. It’s a comprehensive platform that makes it simple for IT to rapidly deploy and maintain enterprise apps without the traditional costs and constraints of deploying app resources.

    Remove risks of app project delays

    Why create days-worth of IT admin work every time you need to deploy or modify an application? With Secure(Spaces)™, every aspect of applications configuration for your secure private cloud spaces is parameterized. It means there no need for coding, scripting or specialist IT skills.

    Remove app config and admin overheads from IT

    With Encanvas Secure(Spaces)™, IT teams get to keep strict security and governance controls over deployed apps without inheriting a burden of admin work to create and maintain them. Also, with Encanvas VersionRollback™ technology built-in, there’s no need for complex platform upgrades EVER!

    Equipping your IT to Manage Change

    Encanvas Secure(Spaces)™ make it simpler than ever to create best-fit operating platforms for your apps.  Remove the scripting headaches of configuring cloud spaces forever!

    IPSEC Tunnels - A New Era of App Security

    We’ve designed Secure(Spaces)™ so that Users and Designers can enjoy a ‘desktop experience’ for HTTPS browser-based apps. It means that shadow data and desktop data stores are removed from your operating environment, making data safer – which is good for everyone!


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