The founders of ENCANVAS created a software eco-system designed for business that could orchestrate any business model better than any other technology or method.  This is our story.

Our passion

Technology can be game-changing. But it can also be frustrating, a money-pit and a huge risk.

The owners and management team of ENCANVAS share a common bond through their belief that technology can be a force for good, but to harness it, IT has to be accessible to all.

That’s why we created an application design, deployment and operational platform that makes technology affordable to enterprises and provides the essential glue-ware to enable organizations to harvest the value of their business model and data assets.

Why ENCANVAS exists

We created ENCANVAS to break down the barriers between IT and ‘the business’. We wanted to create an environment that would equip enterprises with the means to build applications ‘across the desk’ in workshops. To make this vision possible, we knew that we had to displace the incumbent assumptions and ‘norms of behavior’ that existed in IT development. That also meant innovating new information management tools and architectures. It’s taken three generations of technology and almost 20-years to see that vision come to fruition.

Today, ENCANVAS represents the most complete tool-kit on the market for business model orchestration and is promoted around the world.


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