West Sussex County Council Makes Plans With Encanvas

West Sussex County Council’s Traffic Management team is responsible for its local road network.  When the Traffic Management Act, 2004 came into force, the Traffic Manager realized that it was no longer possible to continue with outmoded methods of cross border advanced planning with roadworks undertakers.  

London, UK

The Business Challenge

Whilst maintaining almost 4,000 km of public roads, West Sussex County Council receives between 3,000 and 3500 street works notices per week.

The four employees allocated to validating incoming notices were struggling to meet their three day SLA deadlines.  The checks were manually intensive and involved data from a variety of separate IT systems.  Dummy notices for temporary traffic lights were being entered into the street works package and these had to be purged from the system later, requiring further effort.  The whole process was expensive, reactive and hard to prioritize.


What We Did

Encanvas was used to create a web portal and collect and display all relevant information on a single map display.  This allowed much faster visual inspection than was possible previously.  The dummy notices were entered into the portal.


What We Delivered

  • Support, ideas and coordination in the design and articulation of the multitude of associated processes. In this respect, we drew heavily on our intense experience in this domain that was the result of the work that we had done with Transport for London.
  • Developed and hosted platforms on which the business processes were mapped, and the outcomes delivered.


    Through the implementation of this solution. West Sussex County Council became one of the first councils in the UK to become fully compliant with the TMA thus increasing the effectiveness of their roles in delivering a better quality of life to their citizens.