WDB Investment Holdings gets closer to its customers with encanvas

For WDB Investment Holdings, lending money was as much about transforming the social landscape as it was business opportunity.  WDB is a women-led provider of micro loans, advice and mentoring to emerging women farmers and entrepreneurs.

Johannesburg, South Africa


The Business Challenge

WDB had no consistent and reliable way of knowing if the outcomes were being delivered. Their business model was not mapped onto and supported by their processes and underlying technology.


What We Delivered

  • Internal, top-level articulation and agreement on what WDB’s outcomes should be (their business model).
  • Developed and implemented an aligned platform that gave ‘I need …’ through to ‘look what I’ve achieved’ vetting/approval workflow, decision-prompting robots, alerts, allocation of tasks and prompted follow-up all in one system on one platform.
  • ROI achieved in months but, most importantly, WDB’s sponsors finally saw the great results of the resources they provided to WDB – WDB upped its performance and value to that society



    • The resulting systems have enabled WDB to streamline their back-office and commit more of their team to the value-adding roles needed to execute out on their business plan.