Encanvas helps to keep the traffic moving across greater London

Transport for London had a challenge:  The capital of England was plagued by road works, over a million a year.  It was becoming a major inhibitor to growth and cost to business.  Worse still, in 2004 the capital was getting ready for Crossrail and the London Olympics.  Find out how TFL used ENCANVAS to help 100 organizations to share streetworks advanced plans.

London, UK

The Business Challenge

The Traffic Management Act, 2004 (TMA) placed a huge burden on road owners and those authorized to break the surface of roads for utilities-related works etc. The TMA requires them to coordinate their activities in order to reduce the economic and social impact of road works and associated disruptions.

TfL, the body overseeing London’s roads – which are owned by 36 local authorities and other agencies – had no business processes for producing the outcomes stipulated in the TMA. These had to be conceived and developed.


What We Delivered

  • Support, ideas and coordination in the design and articulation of the multitude of associated processes.
  • Developed a pilot system in almost-real-time onto which the process was mapped and orchestrated allowing near-instant testing and validation and any necessary changes and iterations to be made.
  • Hosted a productionized version of the final design of the platform on behalf of TfL that met all stakeholders’ requirements.


    The cooperation, goodwill and concerted joint actions to reduce the impact of roadworks – the reason for the TMA – as well as cash ROIs for the utility companies were achieved right from the initial roll-out.