Rethinking Vendor Management with Encanvas


STREAM is a next-generation cloud and mobile Vendor Management System developed using ENCANVAS by the technology innovation team of Newton Day Ltd.  Find out what the team chose our platform – and what they did with it…

The Problem

In response to the fast pace of change in the digital era, the world of business is transitioning to a flexible workforce made up of contracted and ‘gig’ workers.  Newton Day identified a technology innovation opportunity with its partner businesses to serve growing contingent workforce management demands.  The first generation of SaaS-based VMS solutions were designed around the presumption businesses would hire a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to outsource their people management and indirect staffing vendor supply-chain.  Newton Day saw an opportunity to create a new generation of VMS that displaced the ‘human-in-the-loop’ to provide larger economies to buyers.

The Solution

The STREAM project team used ENCANVAS to create:

  • A multi-stakeholder Contingent Workforce VMS that provided a tailored portal to each User Group
  • With integrated email automations to displace the need for on premise program management and admin roles
  • Used Encanvas Document Management and handling features to ensure required legal documents were uploaded by suppliers and workers
  • Employed algorithms to calculate pay rates when workers submitted timesheets based on their contract and employment law
  • Supported rich performance reporting and dashboards to make the entire supply-chain transparent
  • Integrated with client ERP and financial systems to streamline purchase-to-pay
  • Mobile enablement allowed approvals to be made within notification emails so Users don’t log-in to the online system

    Screenshot Examples

    Automate Onboarding

    Setup Ratecards

    Create and Approve Timesheets

    The Results

    The total project was delivered on-time and on-budget.  The project team were able to harness the features of Encanvas –  particularly its document management, email workflow and integration possibilities with host systems – to bring additional value to the project that wasn’t originally considered.

    • Fit to design brief 100% 100%
    • Achieved project deadlines 100% 100%
    • Extra Value Added by Encanvas Features 40% 40%