NDMC helps to  Curb Graffiti with PA Consulting


LONDON is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world.  Like many densely populated urban areas, Greater London suffers from graffiti.  The impact on tourism let alone the quality of the environment for the local population, was making it a top priority for local authorities to tackle.  The responsibility of reporting graffiti falls to police authorities.  PA Consulting had an idea they could streamline reporting of graffiti using new secure mobile image capture and workflow technologies.  But they wanted to demonstrated the viability of the solution with customer data.  Find out how NDMC helped achieved their project goals with live-wireframing.

The Problem

No process existed for the recording the location of graffiti that would expedite its removal.  A ‘hit-or-miss’ vague method whereby members of the public, authority employees etc. telephoned a ‘graffiti hotline’ was inefficient and before the decision to send out maintenance crew, an investigation (often on-site) had to be carried out.

The Solution

  • Working in partnership with a mobile telephone services provider, a platform that enabled people to photograph and report instances of graffiti directly onto the platform.
  • Having visual evidence eliminated about 60% of the need for physical investigations.
  • Cases were automatically assigned to the relevant authority staff with follow-up functionality.
  • An acknowledgement and thank you SMS was automatically sent to the reporter.

    The Results

    A formal, robust and effective process was now in place with a significant positive ROI likely due to the reduction in inspections. And the citizens of the borough witnessed cleaner walls.

    • ROI 100% 100%
    • Stakeholder Goodwill 100% 100%
    • Operational Efficiencies 100% 100%