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How Encanvas CDP Introduced Overall Eesti to its Most Profitable Customers

Overall Eesti is one of the most progressive Office Equipment and technology businesses in Europe.  This family-run business, that began as a small Canon photocopier business in Tallinn, Estonia, today re-markets its software innovations through Canon across Europe.   The Joint CEO, Tonis Haamer is passionate about customer experience, and profitability.  Faced with declining print volumes and harsher trading conditions, Tonis knew he had to transform his business into a digital enterprise.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia (Europe)

The Business Challenge

The management team of Overall wanted to create a single-view of its customers, to focus its sales efforts on the most profitable customers (and prospects) and to automate processes.  Underpinning these goals was an acceptance that the company needed to become ‘data-driven.’  The driver for this agenda,  came from a decision by the Estonian government to transition its economy to be the most digitally-enabled in Europe; a decision that all but eradicated print from many offices.


Outsourcing the requirement to a market research/advisory business.  No other third-party solution was thought capable to meet the project needs.  Due to project complexity and timescales, an internal solution was initially thought unlikely to gain the sponsorship of senior managers.


What We Delivered

  • Assimilation of ‘the big picture’ of customer activity and transactional behaviors in a single view by harvesting and organizing data assets from across the enterprise
  • The creation of data-connections between silos of data across the business that didn’t exist before (making analysis impossible)
  • Transparency across the business powered by access to key data – made easy to comprehend using visualizations, dashboards and alerts
  • Dynamic and interactive drill-down data-views
  • Deepest knowledge of business activities, success factors and results
  • Formulation of action plans driven by real-time insights
  • The transformation of the Service Management role to become a data analyst more than anything else!
  • The means to ask new questions on data and to adapt the platform extremely rapidly (i.e. new KPI, new goal)
  • The application ecosystem needed to create new apps over time to automate processes identified as candidates for improvement

    The in-house technical team leveraged the feature-set found in Encanvas CDP to install robust data transforms, and create a holistic data mart to house customer insights.

    Additionally, Overall Eesti installed Encanvas AppFabric to equip the business with the ability to act on the insights they uncovered to automate any poor performing processes. 

    The dev team used the extensive UI tailoring and integration options of Encanvas to adapt the core Encanvas platform with third-party data visualizations and drag-and-drop displays to achieve the result they were seeking.

    Sponsor Comments

    ‘Our in-house information systems platforms enriched by the Encanvas technology has given us a competitive advantage by knowing which prospects and customers offer us the greatest profitability potential, while we also have the mechanisms at our disposal to ask new questions, interpret the answers and act on what we learn.’

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