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Bringing a competitive advantage to Ernst & Young (Power and Energy)

Ernst & Young (Power and Energy) was finding it more and more difficult to inform its clients on a fast-changing market and offer best-fit services to respond to new challenges.  Find out how Encanvas helped to create a market radar and credentials management solution..

London (Global)

The Business Challenge

The cost and complexity of ensuring a good win rate of bids for and the efficient delivery of assignments were high. There was little formalized articulation of the multitude of mixed-mode processes meant that positive outcomes could not be reasonably guaranteed.

A crucial part of the bid-win and assignment staffing process was that of the ability to have a view of the skills and experience set of employees, worldwide. The process for achieving this was extremely slow and costly.


Outsourcing the requirement to a market research/advisory business.  No other third-party solution was thought capable to meet the project needs.  Due to project complexity and timescales, an internal solution was initially thought unlikely to gain the sponsorship of senior managers.


What We Delivered

  • Advice and ideas for a platform on which best-practice processes can be mapped and operated.
  • Built the platform that gave managers instant views of the competencies that were available for proposing to prospective clients and for creating task teams.


      A significant cash ROI was achieved but more importantly, the chance of bids succeeding was increased as was the efficiency of allocating relevant staff to assignments.

        Sponsor Comments

        ‘It’s early days but we hope to provide senior partners with useful insights on the markets of our clients so that we can hone our knowledge and expertise to develop new services and more helpful ways to advise them.’

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