Canon EMBU Adopts Advanced Sales Analytics 


Targeting sales and marketing resources across a large sales territory works better with actionable insights according to Canon EMBU.  Find out more…

The Problem

 The sales division responsible for the Middle Eastern, Eastern Europe and African markets had little process or routine for giving managers an overview of and detailed insight into the sales performance of their regions. This lack of information also hampered the planning and risk mitigation processes. The data gathering process was time- and effort-intense, managers were presented with copious data but no actionable insights or recommendations for action.

The Solution

We delivered:

  • A data gathering process (multiple feeder systems, matching, cleansing) design.
  • The design for the formalized processes that enable data gathering with the minimum of staff involvement.
  • Design and develop the ‘actionable insights’ concept, processes and interfaces – managers are prompted to look at potential issues, they do not have to rely on (chance) discoveries.
  • Design, develop and host the technical platform on which the processes and interaction occur.

    The Results

    For the first time, managers in this division were served by a set of formalized, documented processes that enabled quick action when issues emerged, enabled the far more effective anticipation of problems and an excellent planning aid.

    • ROI 100% 100%
    • Stakeholder Experience 85% 85%
    • Operational Efficiencies 6% 6%