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5 Reasons to invest in Digital Documents

This document highlights five major reasons to invest in an enterprise platform like Encanvas that supports the lifecycle of digital documents. Remastering the document for a digital age Documents have always been useful to businesses. They are easy to create and use,...

Facts about no-code

1. Nocode tools are just thattools that require zero coding. But many nocode tools require some knowledge of coding to get the most out of the software or app. (Cxl

2. Low code/ nocode solutions have the potential to reduce the development time by 90%. (Redhat

3. “Ease of use” is the most used (20%) positive word describing low code / nocode development platforms based on data collected from customer reviews for all low code / nocode development platforms companies. (Aimultiple

4. 75% of all application development will use low/nocode platforms this year, up from 44% in 2020. As a result, nocode would become the mainstay for all app development projects in 2021. (Devopsdigest

5. 93 percent of respondents say the custom apps reduced inefficient tasks. (Alphasoftware

6. 54.7% of people have a positive sentiment towards no code. (Cxl)

7. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the requirement for developers would rise by over 57% from 2010 to 2020. (Easysend)


Why businesses are adopting no code development for core business systems

At one time, perceptions existed in the IT industry that no code authoring was great for non-IT people hoping to create their own homemade apps as curious amateurs and citizen developers.  It was thought that no serious IT development could reasonably be fulfilled by using pre-defined building blocks presented on an integrated design environment. 

Partly, there was some logical sense to this argument: software development is complex and rarely can every possible scenario be anticipated from the outset.  Nevertheless, such is the level of maturity in the no code development world that no code solutions like Encanvas are today able to take on any level of complex applications design and deployment use case.

If we step through the use cases of Encanvas, our no code enterprise software development (and deployment) platform has been used for a variety of high-profile, large-ticket projects.  Examples include to manage regional traffic information systems, coordinate advanced road works across Greater London, provide a Top 5 management consulting firm with the global industry insights it needs to deliver case stories to new and existing clients on-demand, provide the UK with comprehensive energy usage data, and many more large-scale, pan-regional and industry-wide applications.

No code applications design works because it removes code on a screen from being barrier to non-technical business stakeholders.  It speeds up developments and produces better-fit results, because applications can be iteratively nuanced to better fit their user needs and business requirements.  In the software development world previous to no code, either budgets or time (or both) would run out before a best-fit solution could be achieved.

The no code industry is growing at pace, and will surely become the de facto way of creating apps in the future.  With Encanvas, no code app development is complemented by low code and hi code data integration and management, and software configuration management tooling.  This added layer of sophistication means that applications deployed on Encanvas are MORE SECURE, MORE SCALABLE and MORE EASILY MANAGED by IT professionals than their coded predecessors.

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Encanvas experiential software helps business people create apps for the enterprise: The things your ERP doesn’t do like self-service apps and apps that replace spreadsheets, make sense of data, and improve processes.

Encanvas is an enterprise software company with a pioneering spirit and a 15-year track record for developing the art of using enterprise-grade no code applications development methods to achieve game-changing digital transformations.  Our experiences serving consulting firms and large enterprise has developed a unique no code technology platform that includes support for data sourcing and aggregation (ETL), data management and orchestration, database forms, business intelligence and GIS.

Our enterprise application platform equips Business Analysts to build enterprise-grade apps without coding or scripting skills. It’s built for the ideas people of your enterprise; helping them to take an idea from a lightbulb moment in the shower to an enterprise-grade digital ecosystem. Create as many apps as you need and change them as often as you like. Used by organizations around the world, Encanvas helps DevOps and fusion teams to evolve IT at the speed of light; to maximize customer experience and minimize costs.

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