Application designers have a huge responsibility. The apps we produce perform critical tasks and users might have to live with them for years to come.  With our Live Wireframe Low-Code toolkit you can create better software application prototypes faster than any other method.

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What is Live-Wireframe?

Live Wireframing is a Low-Code approach to creating enterprise software applications in workshops without coding. 

Designed for business analysts and citizen developers, Live Wireframe™ is our cloud-ready software toolkit that enables business analysts to create software prototypes faster than any other method.  Designers don’t need programming skills because the solution is designed for business analysts and citizen developers.

With encanvas, there’s no need to source new software tools or jump into outsourcing every time someone identifies a process can be improved.  Use Live Wireframe to create apps across the desk with users and stakeholders in near-real-time.  Remove the barrier between IT and the business.  Eradicate spreadsheet apps and shadow data.

The challenge

When enterprises come up with a new business model or way of doing things, they need an information management platform to serve customers better and support back-office operations to deliver outcomes. Live WireFrame adopts Low-Code tools to produce ready-to-deploy applications comprising of the user interface, forms, process (if/then) logic, data structures (combining harvested data aggregations) and automated machine to machine workflows in near real-time.  This is what Low-Code applications development was born to do.

To build or to buy, that is the question

There’s almost no argument these days that businesses need to serve their customer communities better than ever and have a very efficient way of turning their customer value into shareholder returns.  This ‘capability’ is defined by a business model.  Neither would any business leader generally argue that we live in an age where information is the lifeblood of enterprise, and orchestrating a business model with technology is key to growth and success.

To produce a digital platform and customer ecosystem, business leaders have a stark choice confronting them; to build or buy.  Buying a solution can all but remove a competitive advantage while reducing the ability of the business to adapt to change.  Building an in-house solution means that companies are faced with being their own IT supplier and will take on all of the risks associated with software development and support.  Is it worth it?  We would argue, certainly not when applications are programmed by humans.  So, is there another way?

The job we help to do betterImagine walking into a workshop where business people are busy explaining to an analyst how their new business model (or application) needs to work.  Across the desk, the analyst is busying herself (or himself) creating the application in near real-time.  After an hour or so, the new application module is online and ready for people to use.  Sound a little far-fetched.  Oh.  (Awkward).  Because, that’s how people have been creating solutions to their information management needs with encanvas since 2002.  


All of our projects adopt a similar form. This is our three step process:

Rapidly design business model constructs as applications using ‘fail fast’ methods and principles.

Deploy apps instantly to a secure cloud.

Operate your business model and adapt it as your market evolves.

Fastest time-to-value based on fail-fast prototyping principles

Back in 2003, we created a toolkit for translating business model ideas into hyper efficient digital platforms and ecosystems able to eradicate inefficiencies and efficiently turn customer value into profits.  The result is Encanvas.  Tech analyst firms describe it as a High-Productivity Application Platform-as-a-Service (HPaPaaS) but we see it as a business profit enabler that sits above enterprise systems and equips business model innovators with the means to design, deploy and operate the apps your business needs to gain its competitive advantage.

Lowest project risk

Producing a digital platform can be a costly and time-consuming exercise. Encanvas offers a proven and complete building block design approach to speed up digital platform design and deployment. It removes the need for programming skills to enable live wireframes to be deployed in days, sometimes hours.

Awesome scalability and integration possibilities

Encanvas Live Wireframe is Low-Code enterprise-ready software designed for large scale deployments and simple replication.  It combines the latest cloud container technology with version control technologies to support massively scaling applications.  Our clever plug-in ecosystem means that designers can leverage the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize business models.

Breathtaking information management design controls

As soon as your business model needs data, you have a challenge.  Sourcing clean, useful data and processing it is never simple.  Re-using data for new purposes is fraught with data integrity issues.  Encanvas combines advanced robotics and AI algorithms with state-of-the-art transformation and cleansing tooling to produce new data marts and warehouses to drive your business model.  Our Low-Code solution gives your business the decision engine it needs to create a culture of curiosity and the opportunity to answer new questions as they arise.

Intuitive usability matched with eye-popping results

Nobody has time to reference a User Manual nowadays.  Whether your users are using a desktop, tablet or mobile device, with encanvas, beautiful and intuitive apps come as standard.  Our Low-Code plug-in technologies enable designers to access the latest data visualization and mapping technologies to bring data to life.

Uncompromising data security

Data is essential to modern business, but it comes with risks.  In the connected digital age, it’s become ever more difficult to keep data safe.  Encanvas Live Wireframe is trusted by governments and global corporations because it’s arguably the safest place for enterprise data that supports critical data flows.

If you've never seen LIVE WIREFRAME in action...

If you’re not already using a code-less design environment then maybe you should see it for yourself. Why not request a fire-side chat and experience ‘across the desk’ applications design close-up with one of our experienced consultants?

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What you can do

Create new or improve processes
Give your business analysts the tools they need to drive business process improvements forward to achieve greater customer value matched by lower operating costs

Maximize customer experience
Make your business processes transparent and reduce data entry  costs by equipping customers to serve themselves.

Build more engaging application
Use rich data visualizations and artificial intelligence to create rich new outward-facing applications—dramatically improving the way users engage with your information and processes.

Reduce development times
Use of the most powerful enterprise data integration platforms combined with a code-free rich integrated development environment enables solutions analysts to do more for themselves and be more productive.

Protect sensitive information
Encanvas Ring-of-Steel™ data governance provides IT teams with rich functionality—including data permissions tagging, usage analysis visualizations and comprehensive activity logs—to build applications that inspire confidence on both ends of a transaction.

Extend the enterprise
Reach more people with flexible portals, workspaces and mobility solutions for automating front-office processes like managing client relationships, opening new accounts, end-user self-service, and applications forms processing. These applications extend to workers, partners and customers—either directly or through brokers and other partners—and securely connect them to your organization’s internal IT systems.n.

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