Learn about the innovations within it

The Wright Brothers had to invent the first aluminum aero engine, the first aero propellor and aircraft controls to make their first fixed-wing powered flight possible.  It has been a similar story for encanvas.  When you’re at the bleeding edge of innovation, there are many firsts to overcome.



Canvases were our first innovation.  This innovative structure – think of it as something like a document for building apps with – makes it easier for non-programmers to design, scale, replicate and support the applications they create.

Create Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Designed with the needs of business analysts and citizen developers in mind, Encanvas Create is a codeless Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  Codeless means designers see-no-code, and use-no-code.  It’s power lies in its ability to address all aspects of creating an application, while separating ‘IT admin’ and ‘Look-and-Feel’ matters best dealt with in a holistic way by more expert IT professionals.  Encanvas is designed for enterprise apps and enables delivery of complex apps.

Information Flow Designer (iFX)

Encanvas information Flow Designer Xtreem (iFX) is the latest version of our vision for a hybrid ETL, RPA and iPaaS platform rolled into one. Encanvas iFX installs transform and load automation across your enterprise to take care of the jobs computers do best. This non-invasive software layer validates, cleanses, enriches, de-dupes, quarantines, matches, normalizes, uploads and splits data anyway you want it.


Encanvas AppFabric makes it possible for enterprise-grade apps to be authored and deployed painlessly by creating an ecosystem for deploying and managing applications that is easy to manage, effortless to scale and uncompromizingly safe for data. Think of AppFabric as an AppStore for your business, but unlike an AppStore, AppFabric progressively builds a single-version-of-the-truth across your enterprise, placing more emphasis on thinking beyond departmental needs and objectives to foster maximum data value and to foster a data-driven culture..

Massively Scaling Software System (MASS)

Encanvas is an enterprise-grade application platform used by large enterprises to design, deploy and operate apps.  It has almost technically unlimited constraints to scaling.  Limits of scaling have more to do with your hosting platform selection and practical operational constraints than the software itself. 

Multi-threaded, Multi-Sourcing and Linking (M3SHUPS)

If you want to connect to a mix of data sources at the same time, harvest and blend specific rows of data, to then build new data structures, then you need a platform that offers multi-threaded multi-sourcing and linking.

Global UX

Encanvas Global UX is a collection of User Experience features built into the encanvas enterprise software application architecture designed to maximize user experience and the provision of access to authored applications. It includes (1) Cross-browser support (2) look-and-feel templates and wizards to aid consistency, (3) use of in-memory balanced processing to optimize performance and responsiveness, (4) support for mobile and tablet and digital TV platforms and, (5) optimized memory-management for design elements. 

Ring-of-Steel Security System

Encanvas Ring-of-Steel (RoS) is a collection of data security features built into the encanvas enterprise software application architecture designed to deliver a safer environment for data.  Features include, (1) fine-grained controls over data end-point access and privileges, (2) forensic validation testing of data in state (before it is moved or processed), (3) prevention controls to prohibit uncontrolled downloading or distribution, (4) anti-malware controls and, (5) anti-hacking controls.

Platform Version Rollback

To maintain integrity between the encanvas and your applications into perpetuity, no matter what you choose to do differently with your applications, and no matter what we do to improve encanvas, then you need a technology to maintain the versioning relationship between apps and the platform that serves it.  In short, this is what Platform Version Rollback does.


HyperDrive Plug-In

Our HyperDrive Plug-In lets you add code, script, algorithms, DLLs, data visualizations, artificial intelligence and machine learning etc. into the encanvas framework.  It means designers can easily expand the capabilities of encanvas and you don’t have to rely on out-of-the-box features to extend the possibilities of your apps!

Squork IP Communications TCP-IP Protocol

Squork is a proprietary TCP-IP protocol created as part of encanvas to enable communities of encanvas users to communicate in real-time webchat without any restrictions or limits.  To deliver this capability back in 2006, we needed to create a new TCP-IP based communications protocol.

Encanvas Maps File Format

Geospatial Information Systems have always used composite file formats to house their data.  These composite files ignore best practice data management and governance rules.  When we created a GIS engine that could save its data to SQL databases – like any other processing technology – we needed to create a new way for geo-spatial intelligence apps to save their data.  This is why the Encanvas Maps File Format was invented.  It manages map vector and data resources while embracing best practice database governance rules.