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What are digital documents?

Digital businesses capture, communicate, process, manage and store information with digital documents.  

Digital documents are a great way to create easily distributed content to amplify your sales pitch, make presentations more persuasive, leverage data through analytics, streamline business processes, track things with IoT, and even take your business into the metaverse. 

Encanvas Digital Document Canvases (we call them canvases for short) take documents forward into the new era of digital business. Like their hardcopy counterparts, digital documents are versatile. Use Encanvas digital document software to:

  • Promote offers, products and services with high-impact digital rich media content like eBooks, published for use on website, mobile, desktop, digital whiteboard and digital billboard platforms. Combine video content with graphics, images, transitions, eye-popping fonts, and hover over effects to produce communications that stand out.
  • Educate your stakeholder audience with distance learning courses that make your business the authority in its subject and draw crowds to your website. Use analytics to track delegate progress through lessons and courses.
  • Automate business processes using the latest HyperAutomation and Digital GlueWare built into digital document cloud architectures.
  • Present ideas and data using charts, graphics, dashboards, visualizations, maps and more to build persuasive presentations.
  • Morph from and to hardcopy for the best of both worlds. It’s easy to convert digital documents into print and vice versa.
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Micro-Portals • Forms • Reports • Training Dashboards • Charts • Maps • Tables Checklists • Onboarding • Risk Registers • Presentations • eBooks

Create an unparalleled customer experience with added personalization 

Customer Experience today is a competitive game-changer. Having the means to bring maximum value to your buying audience by personalizing experiences to a much greater degree makes all the difference.

For decades, documents have been used to bring clarity and context to information, to bridge between organizations, and the processes that drive them. This added layer of digital flexibility is all important in the agile world of digital business.

It’s what Gartner describes as content ‘composability’ and it’s what increasingly makes the difference between digital leaders and laggards. 

”Incorporating composability into digital business enables the enterprise or public agency to change and grow despite persistent uncertainty. Instead of avoiding the risk of change, executive leaders must reinvent their thinking to see change as a well-trusted tool for business resilience and growth.”—Gartner,2021 

Key features of digital documents 

Digital documents increase data literacy and shift the conversation away from tools and technology and toward decision-making as a business competency.

Encanvas digit document canvases combine composable data with software bots, edge data processing analytics, and graph technology to create personalized content and data experiences that generate business value in new ways.

Customer experience personalization

Whether it’s about tailoring digital brochures to suit customers, or creating business processes shaped to what differs you from competitors, digital documents can be used to shape your offerings and how your business works to best-fit your audiences.

Simplified transition from analog to digital documents

One of the biggest costs to any business is the cost of change, particularly when root and branch changes are needed. One of the inhibitors to change is the natural resistance to a new normal. Digital documents represent a new, yet familiar construct in the enterprise.

The majority of capabilities performed by analog/paper documents are easily replicated by digital documents (report publishing and distribution, marketing communications such as presentations, brochures, promotional materials, data capture forms, content framing, management, storage and archival).

This familiarity helps organizations embrace digital document constructs like canvases, when more technical concepts like applications, micro-sites and applets are alien and judged to be high-risk.

Deskill digital publishing

There is a global shortage of tech talent, with about 95% of employers having faced a skills shortage last year.

Encanvas uses templates with point-and-click design elements to simplify design and publishing. It makes creating documents painlessly, without the need for specialist design knowledge or coding skills. Everything you need is in your subscription.

Publish on all digital form factors

Whether you want to communicate on the web, mobile, smart TV, digital billboard/whiteboard, or something else, digital documents are a great way to share information.

Manage with software bots

Behind the scenes, Encanvas digital data fabric is powered by software bots that do all the heavy lifting of harvesting data, recording it, moving it, transforming it, preparing it for processing or presentation, etc.

Digital documents and analytics

According to Gartner, businesses will move from big data to ‘small and wide data.’  Digital documents have a key role to play in equipping businesses with this new type of data.

According to Gartner, ‘Small and wide data, as opposed to big data, solves a number of problems for organizations dealing with increasingly complex questions on AI and challenges with scarce data use cases. Wide data — leveraging “X analytics” techniques — enables the analysis and synergy of a variety of small and varied (wide), unstructured and structured data sources to enhance contextual awareness and decisions. Small data, as the name implies, is able to use data models that require less data but still offer useful insights.’

Track user visits

Digital documents benefit from rich data analytics built in, meaning that executives can interpret which content is most popular, even which particular content elements are drawing the most attention.

Optimize documents for SEO

Design documents to gain high visibility on web search engines like Google by leveraging integrated SEO optimization tools.

Keep data safe

Thanks to our PassPort technology, you’ll never have to worry about cyber security when it comes to the documents you publish (or the digital ecosystem you publish them on!). 

Affordable scalability

Build as many digital documents as you need and change them as often as you like, without any extra costs.

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