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We’ve designed encanvas to suit all sizes of companies.  Start small and scale your investment in encanvas as your business grows by selecting one of our carefully curated packages

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Create professional enterprise-grade business applications faster using live wireframing methods

Create a unified data environment across my enterprise and build, publish and manage as many apps as I like!

Create a digital transformation for my business and an enterprise information ecosystem that brings a single-view of data

encanvas Live Wireframe

Everything you need to create new private apps without coding including the integrated design suite, cloud deployment, added security, admin cockpit, and robotic workflow

3-months piloting period

Up to 3 concurrent published apps 

Up to 2 named Admins

Staging sites


encanvas AppFabric

Nothing stays the same for long in business!  Create and adapt apps as often as you like in the safest enterprise platform for data

Unlimited Apps

Up to 3 named Admins

Up to 12 named Design Analysts 

One Secure[Space] Instance


encanvas Secure&live

Our premium platform with nothing left out and advanced features that bring more possibilities to your app designs!

Unlimited Apps

Unlimited Admins

Unlimited Design Analysts

Unlimited Secure[Space] Instances

Feature-Pack including Advanced KPI Builder, Embedded Maps, etc.


£99/month – private apps

£180/month – with HYPERDRIVE universal interface and public apps!

*More details

£3600/year – private apps

£6600/year – with HYPERDRIVE universal interface and public apps!

*More details

£12,000/year – private apps

£18,000/year – with HYPERDRIVE universal interface and public apps!

*More details

Add more as your needs grow…

+ instances

+ memory

+ time

+ developers

+ HYPERDRIVE and public deployment

Complete this form to register for a 30-day account. You’ll be provided with a login to a secure private cloud ENCANVAS LIVE WIREFRAME. This is a fully featured entry-level solution that comes with a suite of applications design, deployment and operational management tools. It also includes our enterprise data governance, security and admin tools.  After 30-days you will pay £99/month unless you choose to upgrade.  No payment will be taken until the end of the trial.  You have the opportunity to cancel at any time.


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