Find out why we created encanvas

We created encanvas for (large and small) businesses that want to be excellent at customer experience by placing customers at the heart of every action and business decision.  This naturally demands a number of things from technology.

Place customers at the heart of every process and decision

Any company that wants to be excellent at customer experience needs to make decisions based on the habits and preferences of customers.
To do that your enterprise will need to capture, process and analyze data from the applications it uses daily. This concept of data re-use is at odds with the traditional view of applications designed for use by employees to fulfil processes.

Discover codeless ideation–and give your ideas-people the superpower to turn their ideas into apps

Creating applications to capture, process, analyze and output data has always demanded IT skills, coding and scripting.  To make applications design accessible, it’s necessary to remove any development tool, skill or approach that makes it a costly off-line, and generally backroom process.  Accessibility comes in many forms, including platform accessibility through any form of browser-based platform (i.e. mobile, tablet, digital TV, desktop etc.) and affordability; accepting that any design process is wasteful, and there is no guarantee of success first-time round.

Maximize data value by creating a unifying data architecture and ecosystem–one app at a time

To fully orchestrate a business model design demands an enterprise application platform that has the agility to flex and mold to the unique processes used by an enterprise to deliver its customer value and maximize shareholder returns.  Legacy IT systems have been based on Systems of Record that enforce best practice in processes.  These systems, typically used by employees, are slow and expensive to change – which is why they’re best suited to running the back-office processes that every business needs, where limited competitive advantage can e gained through customization.

Access the blend of tech tools needed for hyper-automation

Many organizations continue to rely on documents and ‘the human in the loop’ to get things done.  No single technology offers a complete solution.  Encanvas provides the comprehensive and fully integrated tool-ware to allow improvement teams to choose the best-fit technology for every step in their business workflows. Combine AI with data mashups, software bots with business intelligence tools, etc.  Thanks to it’s open architecture, organizations can use our integrated solutions or plug-in their favorite best-of-breed tools, data visualizations and more.  We respect your vendor decisions.  We even help you to work out which technology to use when!  Additionally, applications employed to process data across the enterprise must adhere to high standards of data governance and protection.  They must also be able to scale with the demands of the enterprise, and offer a level of uptime robustness and resilience that means business activities are never put at risk.  That’s why every aspect of encanvas is designed to support enterprise applications deployment–at scale.

Act as one–no matter how large your business gets–by connecting systems and data painlessly

No matter how comprehensive any enterprise applications platform might be, it can never promise to be everything that any enterprise could need.  To achieve the highest standard of customer experience, businesses need to leverage the latest methods and tools.  It demands that database applications can seamlessly work together, and with new technologies.