+Create a TECH ecosystem for a new business model

Mover Advantage 

Maybe you have a fantastic business idea, or a vision for a game-changing business model. Great!  We can help.

Your choices

Businesses today compete on the design and effectiveness of their business model.  Enterprises are faced with the choice of hiring a digital platform from a third party or build their own.  While using an existing platform has its advantages, only a tailored digital platform offers a competitive edge.  

What we do

We supply a technology platform that equips organizations with the tooling they need to rapidly design, deploy and operate a digital platform to orchestrate their business model.

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Our technology 

Discover why ENCANVAS is the best-fit technology for translating your business model into a digital platform and ecosystem.

Faster Prototyping, Iteration

Encanvas provides a unifying design environment that combines app logic, database design, user tooling and forms all in one tool, so you can try new ideas faster.  It only requires one architect with one set of skills.


More Design Possibilities

There’s no limit to the possibilities of design with Encanvas.  After a decade of deployments, we’ve made sure everything is ‘in the box’ for your next digital platform.

No Coding, Less Testing

Encanvas automates many of the mundane software programming tasks through its design tools.  Removing human coding massively reduces the time taken to test applications and improves design consistency.

Richer (Clever) Data Handling

Whether it’s harvesting data from existing data sources, cleaning and normalizing your data, plotting assets on geo-maps, adding algorithms or producing awesome visualizations, Encanvas has what’s needed to maximize the value of your data.


Most Secure

No data is ever held on a local drive using Encanvas.  All data processed remains securely on our cloud platform, protected by a variety of industry standard and proprietary mechanisms.  We prevent the possibility of unauthorized users gaining access to data while in transit and at rest.  

Better User Experiences

There’s no need to compromise on the quality of your User Experience with Encanvas.  Once you’ve designed your template, every form and page honors your design aspirations.


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Achieving results

ENCANVAS has a track-record of delivering outcomes for our clients since 2003. We’re delighted to count some of the largest global companies as our clients.


Satisfied Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee!

From our clients

Don’t take our word for it.  Hear from our clients.

“Over the last 5-years the team has worked on a number of strategic projects for my team and they’ve always delivered projects on time and on budget.”

Paul Rowntree

Director, Canon Europe Ltd

“It would not have been possible to reach an agreed solution (to the London Streetworks Advanced Planning challenge) without using the LondonWorks tool to see the issues graphically presented.”


National Grid

“We could not have translated our vision and ideas into effective applications processing systems without the ingenuity and commitment of the Encanvas team.”

Faith Khanyile

CEO, WDB Investments

“It is via Encanvas that I feel WSCC were able to demonstrate regionally what true GIS coordination is about. This project was a leap of faith for us, one that I can say (you) delivered.”

Peter Atkins

Traffic Manager, West Sussex County Council