Unlock the Power of Data in Procurement

The Data Problem: How To Become a Data Driven Leader

Transform your procurement strategies with actionable insights from ‘The Data Problem’. Master the art of data management and lead your team to success.

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Introducing “the data problem”

In today’s fast-paced business environment, procurement teams are inundated with data. ‘The Data Problem’ addresses these challenges head-on, offering a comprehensive guide to turning data into a strategic asset.

This book is designed to help procurement professionals navigate the complexities of data management, providing practical solutions to become data-driven leaders.

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Uncovers the secret sauce behind modern data mastery in witty prose. What's not to like?

Tom Edwards, Chief Procurement Officer

Ian does well to navigate the complex world of digital cloud analytics without making it a totally boring experience ...that's some feat!

Nick Lawrie, MD, NDMC Consulting

Fabulously useful read for any procurement leader navigating the shifting sands of data analytics and AI tech.

Walter P. Derning

Read it from cover to cover ...then read it again and took notes!

Amy Chandler, CPO

Unlock the power of data

From understanding the pitfalls of data overload to implementing effective data strategies, ‘The Data Problem’ equips you with the tools you need to make informed decisions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a future where data drives your success.

This book promises to transform your approach to procurement, making you a leader in your field.


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