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Fed up with spreadsheets and using a hotchpotch of SaaS apps that prevent you leveraging data?  Encanvas is a no code applications development platform that equips enterprises like yours to build as many apps as you need and change them as often as you like.  Businesses use Encanvas to create awesome real-time reporting systems and digital ecosystems that create mindblowing customer experiences.  Use Encanvas to turn ideas into the apps that drive your digital transformation.  

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Develop better app prototypes faster

A wireframe is a visual representation and skeletal framework of a web application to build apps by combining No Code / Low Code / Hi Code methods. Wireframes are used to help applications designers, users and stakeholders to come together.  Wireframing Apps (also known as ‘Wireframing Tools’) are prototyping tools that support the creative process of producing applications.

Having a visual interpretation of an application really helps to break down the barriers between IT and the business.  But you never really know if an app is going to be useful or perform until you’ve got some credible live data within it to play with.

LIVE-WIREFRAME™ is cloud-ready prototyping software designed to enable DevOps business analysts to orchestrate processes with new applications in near-real-time.  The solution enables users and stakeholders to test a ‘live system’ with meaningful data.  Once developed, DevOps teams can either deploy the solution on Encanvas AppFabric secure-cloud enterprise application platform or create it using their preferred tools.

Here’s how it works:

Imagine walking into a workshop where business people are busy explaining to an analyst how their new app needs to work.

Across the desk, an analyst is busy.  They build apps with No-Code software as they talk.

After an hour or so, a new app is online and ready for people to use. 

Sound a little far-fetched?

Businesses have been creating solutions this way with Encanvas since 2003.

It’s not enough to know what customers want and how to bring them value.  Your business needs primarily to build any number of apps that will deliver on your promises to create an above and beyond customer experience.  That will require not just one, but a series of database-driven applications.

When information is the lifeblood of business, organizing it, protecting it, ensuring its integrity – all of these things become business-critical.  Organizations  working hard to become data-centric demand ever more data mart and relational database applications, displacing use of spreadsheets.


As your data insights expose smarter ways to create customer value and deliver processes you’ll need enterprise-grade apps that work together


Create an Awesome Customer Experience  

We help organizations forge above and beyond customer experiences by placing customers at the heart of data strategy.  Businesses are able harness their data across the enterprise (and beyond) to build a rich and data-driven appreciation of their ‘customer landscape’. The unification of data into a holistic customer data-mart produces a single version of the truth that decision makers can trust.

Every business understands the impact of outstanding customer experience. To achieve that, you need to understand the value of data.  Think of businesses like Amazon, whose singular purpose is obsessive Customer Fanaticism. They know their ability to extract value from data makes the difference.  Like Amazon, if you want to delight customers with personalized offers then you’ll need to be world-class at capturing and making sense of lots of data about the customers you serve.  Modern marketing methods rely on data to drive decision making. It eliminates the guesswork of content marketing because marketers know what motivates customers and the characteristics that profile the best-fit audience for their products and services.

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is an enterprise computer processing platform used to harvest, aggregate, cleanse, manage, process, analyze and output customer associated data. Data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile.  This structured data is then made available to other marketing systems. Unlike a Customer Database, a Customer Data Platform extends its functionality to all aspects of the customer lifecycle. Normally it will include campaign management and the provisioning of multi-channel communications. Advanced systems will manage customer offers and promotions.  It is the key enabling technology to equip your business to enact Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Without a Customer Data Platform, the ability to appreciate the value and characteristics of customer relationships is rarely that straight-forward.  In practice data is stored in silos, whether organizational or technological, and this makes it challenging for companies to deliver consistent customer experiences.  

Digital technologies are creating smarter ways to bring value to customers and reduce operating costs.  Your business too has an opportunity bring enriched value to its customers.  The question is, how are you going to create a digital platform or ecosystem that can support the new demands for information capture, management, processing, analysis and sharing?

To drive your digital transformation, your enterprise needs a single integrated digital ecosystem to serve its customers and stakeholders without the complexity or premium costs of enterprise IT.  Such platforms equip your enterprise to do business anytime, anyplace, from anywhere. But that doesn’t happen instantly. To achieve the result you need in the best way, with minimum risk, it’s always better to deliver your digital transformation one application solution at a time.

So far as Gartner is concerned, the focus of the rapid applications development market these days is shifting towards No-Code, although sometimes Low-Code and Hi-Code is necessary.  According to Gartner, Enterprise applications platforms like Encanvas enable organizations to develop applications faster using more capabilities and fewer conventional developers.  In its latest Magic Quadrant report on the market, Gartner suggests that by 2024, three-quarters of large enterprises will be using at least four rapid development tools for both IT application development and citizen development initiatives, and will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.

Access to new tech innovations like artificial intelligence can be game-changing, which is probably why one in every five corporations have already got at least one artificial intelligence solution up and running.  But it’s only the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible.  Encanvas lets you build apps with No-Code software equips organizations with the means to plug-in advanced technologies like AI and BLOCKCHAIN into their existing business processes faster, and more economically, than any other means.

We’ve some great examples of businesses that have re-defined their competitiveness by orchestrating their business model as a digital platform.  Examples include motor retail where we worked with companies like Sandicliffe Motor Group to create a richer view of their customers, increasing sales results in vehicle sales and services.  Another example is found in the Office Equipment industry where Overall Eesti developed a customer data platform that enables them to achieve game-changing business understanding matched by an outstanding customer experience.


Transform your business digitally with a scalable and secure digital platform or ecosystem that adapts as quickly as your markets

More Use Case Examples

Educating a future generation of technologists

We give people the opportunity to learn a new skill by making Encanvas FREE to educational establishments.



Displacing tedious tasks fulfilled by humans with machine automations works best when information systems are designed around the best-fit business model and not the incumbent approaches, systems and norms of behavior.  How does your business automate for the next new?


Business insights

Having a forensic appreciation of what’s happening across their enterprise in near-real-time helps our clients to achieve top-quartile growth.  Are you able to gain single view of your most important data landscape?


Entrepreneurial innovation

We unshackle creative minds from the need to code or script applications. Encanvas sets creative thinkers free by equipping them with the tools to serve themselves with the applications they need to bring ther ideas to life.


Legacy migration

It’s common for organizations to find their IT spend getting ever more absorbed in propping up aging applications that no longer deliver the value that stakeholders expect. Department heads get caught between investing their available budget on enhancements to keep going for longer without finding a long-term solution. Encanvas helps organizations to achieve their short and long-term goals by delivering stakeholder needs today while porting data out of aging systems which can then be retired.

Location-aware apps

Knowing were customers, assets, salespeople and offices are located can make all the different to understanding data sets.  Location-based sales and marketing is increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, producing greater intimacy in customer contact activities.  Until now, it’s not been possible for every app to include location-based visualizations.  With Encanvas maps, every data-set with a geo-reference can be easily mapped.


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