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Digital documents and innovation

Documents are a familiar concept to almost every human on the planet. In this article, we describe why that fact matters so much when powering digital transformation.

Digital documents and composability

Why digital documents hold the secret to composability “Organizations practicing high levels of business composability are operating one to two years ahead of their peers.”—Gartner, 2002 A focus on survival is not a sustainable business strategy Mindset is everything...

Digital documents and analytics

Digital documents and analytics

Every digital business is driven by data. How are digital documents transforming accessibility to the insights executives and information workers need? We investigate. 

5 Reasons to invest in Digital Documents

This document highlights five major reasons to invest in an enterprise platform like Encanvas that supports the lifecycle of digital documents. Remastering the document for a digital age Documents have always been useful to businesses. They are easy to create and use,...

Building enterprise software

Building enterprise software

Building enterprise software has never been easier thanks to advances in cloud Low-Code, No-Code, and Codeless aPaaS applications platforms.

Enterprise Software Explained

Enterprise Software Explained

Enterprise software describes the software layer of an enterprise computing platform used by business organizations to process data.

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Secure&Live – A feature rich and data secure digital transformation platform.  Secure and Live is a codeless Enterprise applications Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS), built to turn business models and strategies into apps.

AppFabricBuild as many apps as you need using an agile codeless SDLC approach and change them as often as you like.

GlueWare –  Enterprise iPaaS for bringing your data together, mashing it up, and bridging between your eCommerce store and back-office, streamlining processes for maximum results.

Live Wireframe – Design and publish ebooks, courseware and apps, then go live in two clicks!

CDPCodeless Customer Data Platform to create a single view of your customer data. Use our data integration tools to harvest insights from across your enterprise and beyond.

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Our data safeguarding, features and modules of make Encanvas a leader in codeless enterprise aPaaS

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