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Digital documents and digital business administration explained

What is a digital document? And how have they become the lifeblood of digital business administration? Find out here.

Digital versus digitized documents

In this article, we uncover the big divide between digital versus digitized documents and the differences between PDF and CDF files.

Digital documents and the data analytics trends

How digital documents deliver on Gartner’s top 10 data analytics trends An accelerated pace of change and the need for greater agility is increasing the demand for more consumable analytics. Read our analysis to see how incorporating Digital Documents into your...

Digital document examples

What can you do with digital documents to transform your business digitally? Here’s a summary of the digital documents you’re likely to want to publish using Encanvas, and our digital document examples. Digital Rich Media Content Experience Content experience...

PDF versus CDF

In this article, we answer the most common question we get asked – What’s the difference between PDF and CDF digital document formats?

Digital documents versus apps

Digital documents are a codeless alternative to app dev. What happens when we compare the CDF with traditional app dev tools like FLUTTER?

Transform your business with digital documents

Most businesses today seek to leverage data and technology to remain competitive. How can digital documents aid your digital transformation?

The role of intelligent digital documents in digital transformation

Digital document canvases are a new kind of smart autonomous digital files. They also play a big role in enterprise digital transformation.

Digital document autonomy

Why is the autonomous use of digital documents important to digital transformation? In this article, we dig deeper to find out.

Digital documents and the composability challenge

Can you be a digital leader without having a high composability score? If so, what role can digital documents play in upping your game?