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FUSION Versus DevOps—Why the World of Digital Transformation Will Change in 2021

According to the latest thinking by Gartner, DevOps teams are about to get displaced in the enterprise by FUSION teams.Many firms pursuing distributed delivery are using “fusion teams” to bring together IT and business employees to develop digital solutions. As fusion...

Powering Curiosity

We live in a data driven business world. How do you tap into yours?It’s thought Jeff Bezos was the first person to use the term Innovation Value Management (IVM) to describe data as a business asset based on its contributory value. If it wasn’t Jeff, then it was...

From Low-Code to No-Code: Announcing the Release of Encanvas/4

Encanvas/4 – the Enterprise-Grade No-Code Application Platform - automates businesses one app at a time to create above and beyond customer experiences. OXFORD-UK, August 10, 2020 - Encanvas today unveiled the latest version of its Enterprise-Grade Codeless Enterprise...

My prediction for a codeless enterprise software future

No-lo code is about creating applications without needing to see or use software code. Given that most of us were not born with coding superpowers that might considered be a good thing. In this article, I predict the rapid adoption of codeless enterprise software platforms in the very near-term and give my reasons why.

Get to know Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic process automation is a type of business process automation technology based on the use of software that mimics the behaviors of humans to process and share data.

What is Agile Codeless?

Agile Codeless is a software development life-Cycle (SDLC) approach that embraces codeless authoring tools and methods to produce enterprise apps

What is Codeless Software?

Codeless software is a type of enterprise computing platform used to design, deploy and operate software apps without the use of, or visual presence of code

What is a HPaPaaS – and do you need one?

HPaPaaS stands for ‘high productivity application Platform as a Service’ – a platform that provides app designers with tools to build enterprise apps fast.


A wireframe is a visual representation and skeletal framework of a web application. Wireframes are used to help applications designers, users and stakeholders to come together.