Our integrated (code-less) development environment empowers across-the-design design and publishing of live wireframes.  Explore our approach here.


All of our projects adopt a similar form. This is our three step process:

Rapidly design business model constructs as applications using ‘fail fast’ methods and principles.

Deploy apps instantly to a secure cloud.

Operate your business model and adapt it as your market evolves.

If you've never seen LIVE WIREFRAME in action...

If you’re not already using a code-less design environment then maybe you should see it for yourself. Why not request a fire-side chat and experience ‘across the desk’ applications design close-up with one of our experienced consultants?

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Agile Workshops

The world of business is changing. To secure growth in a highly competitive market, organizations require adaptive capabilities – rubber-walled enterprises with the ability to scale as a business grows, populated by an agile talent pool, equipped with adaptive IT.

How Agile Workshops Help

The IT industry has failed to supply IT systems that keep in-tune with processes as they change. Coding in back-rooms is expensive, time-consuming and delivers unpredictable results. But when developments require so many tools, skills, and so much tuning and testing is it any surprising that costs spiral and projects miss their mark?

Encanvas software facilitates real-time workshop-based applications development in support of process improvement. When combined with our across-the-desk workshop approach, Encanvas uniquely overcomes the obstacles that have previously stood in the way of engaging applications stakeholders in real-time development. Equipping business analysts with easily mastered tools equips them to interpret requirements and rapidly author applications in a workshop environment.

Whilst Encanvas changes the method of design, delivery and operational maintenance of IT, it does not fundamentally manifest changes in the IT operating environment; the applications it produces use the Microsoft Web Platform and web browsers as their conduit to Users.


Encanvas provides enterprises with IT systems that stay in-tune with their needs. It embeds IT transformation into the change process and negates the need for coding by using ready-formed configurable building blocks to create new digital platforms and ecosystems for business at lower risk and cost in support of organizational process change.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Encanvas deployments are all around the world.  Find out more about our success stories here.

How ENCANVAS Enables Agile Workshops


  • Code
  • Cost
  • Complexity
  • Skills
  • Risk


  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Scalability
  • Competitiveness

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