August 17, 2017


Contemporary business people working in team in the office

Encanvas operates an active international partner programme.  It’s because we know that your business is special that we work hard to make sure our Partner Program works for you.  We adopt a variety of partnering approaches to cater for a wide range of partner circumstances and needs.

Our Partner accreditations include:

Country Partners – Organizations that distribute Encanvas across a territory.

Software Partners – Vendors that sell software licenses that want to enrich their own software platforms with the capabilities provided by Encanvas.

Consulting Partners – Organizations that perform management interventions to solve business issues with technology.  Many of these organizations offer vertically aligned business process centric solutions.

Brand Solution Partners – Technology companies (normally Value Added Resellers or Systems Integrators) that want to add Encanvas products and services to their portfolio of offerings with the minimum of up-front commitment.

Indirect Customers – Technology companies that seek to embrace Encanvas internally but do not seek to actively promote Encanvas branded products and services.