August 20, 2017

DX Platform

Encanvas is a code-less DevOps Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Now in its third generation (‘DX’), Encanvas (1) harvests data from all accessible sources, (2) makes sense of it and then provides tooling to build new applications to (3) act on what matters.

We give DevOps teams the ability to re-invent at low cost and risk of project failure.  Author limitless numbers of apps to turn data into a weapon for Marketing AnalyticsSales AnalyticsOperational Analytics and Financial Analytics.

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Read our White Paper on Live-Wireframing versus Programming here.


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Harvest Data  

We don’t care what size your data sources are, or what format for that matter…with Encanvas DX you can harvest data from anywhere (spreadsheets, databases, internal systems…) to create a single version of the truth without needing to author a line of code!

Data sources we support include:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • ODBC
  • Web Service
  • DLL
  • FoxPro
  • Etc.

Read more about Encanvas Extensibility features here.

A key enabling technology for harvesting data is Encanvas Information Flow Designer (‘IFD’).  This software module (comprising of a Server and a Client application) manages the machine-to-machine movement of data.  In most cases, data will be transformed in some way using if/then logic rules.

Read more about Encanvas Information Flow Designer here.

Make sense of data

Interpret data ‘on the same page’ using charts, graphs, maps, tables, data visualisations and more!  Identify trends, behaviours, bottlenecks, performance issues, sales opportunities, under-utilised resources etc.

Read more about Encanvas business intelligence features here.

Act on what matters

Create as many new applications as you need and change them as often as you like.  Remove the costs and risks of code-based software development.  Build the apps your business needs as you need them or pick from our portfolio of ready-to-use application templates.




When you design applications with Encanvas DX you don’t see code (unless you want to).  This means apps can be designed with users and iterated in workshops – so you get better apps that work how you want them to!

Modern, Rich Internet Look and Feel

As a youthful platform, Encanvas DX benefits from recent developments in Web design, presentation and security provisioning including use of in-memory processing, AJAX design components, Secure-Socket-Layer (SSL) security and more.

Business-Class Performance

Encanvas DX has been built for business-critical apps (just see our customer list) as an enterprise-class data integration and management platform. You won’t compromise on security, scalability or performance. No matter how big your business is today you will enjoy all the features that our platform has to offer.

Easy to Integrate with Other Apps

Encanvas DX includes ‘windows’ to enable HMTL, C# or JavaScript code objects to be included.  Embed third party web apps into Encanvas or incorporate Encanvas apps into your existing websites.

Unrivalled Security

Our Ring-of-Steel™ security model brings all of the benefits provided by the Microsoft® Web Platform plus a whole series of new security measures that go to make Encanvas DX arguably the most secure software platform for business.

Platform Version Management

One of our class-leading innovations is the ability to manage the relationship between the apps you build and the platform itself.  Every canvas you create is time-stamped so the developments we make won’t get in the way of yours.


Massively Scaling Portal Architecture™ (MSPA) technology enables you to operate as many apps as you need without compromising performance or placing demands on support resources.

Industry Standard Peace of Mind

Encanvas DX is deployed on the Microsoft® Web Platform.  It produces Microsoft® ASP.NET applications blended with additional layers of data security. It is browser-agnostic (requiring no plug-ins) and works on almost any database too!




  • Supply of applications
  • Accessibility to class-leading analysis and workforce productivity applications


  • Accelerated business innovation
  • Rapid workshop-based authoring
  • Instant deployment
  • Design element (ready-to-use) tools
  • Social Real-time collaborative tools


  • Software licensing costs
  • Software integration costs
  • Software maintenance costs
  • Software upgrade costs


  • Time-to-market for new apps
  • Ongoing support costs
  • No. of skills/size of IT project teams
  • No. of software tools needed to support the accelerated innovation lifecycle


Case Stories

Financial Services

When a development bank experienced rapid growth it employed Encanvas DX to reinvent its applications process turning it from a labour-intensive paper-based process to a digital online procedure.

Competitive Intelligence

When a global electronics manufacturer needed to reinvent its competitive pricing information across its region, it selected Encanvas DX as the platform to gather, analyze and share research findings.

Customer Insights & Analytics

Encanvas DX has been employed by businesses in government, automotive, healthcare and electronics manufacturing to re-invent how they harvest customer insights from internal and external systems to create a single view of customers.

Learning Management

Encanvas DX has been used to reinvest a Learning Management System (LMS) to manage the performance of learning pathways while optimizing use of teachers, classrooms and learning resources.

Maps for Research

Encanvas DX is used around the world for its rich GIS mapping capabilities. For example, one University is using Encanvas Maps to plot the movement of people with Scandinavian surnames across Europe.

Apps that Replace Spreadsheets

The original purpose of Encanvas was to allow small groups of users to build the collaborative apps they need.  Today it’s used to displace use of spreadsheets across businesses to improve collaboration, share knowledge, make sense of data and act on big ideas!

Streetworks Advance Planning

Encanvas DX has been deployed in the UK local government arena to reinvent streetworks planning in support of the 2004 Traffic Management Act, reducing congestion and cutting streetworks costs.  Find out more here

Utility Assets Performance

When utility firms need to reinvent how they learn about the health and performance of assets, they use Encanvas DX to harvest, analyze and act on their data.


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Key Facts

88% of businesses say they are already under-going a digital transformation.  Source: Altimeter Group Digital Transformation Survey 2014

72% of people admit to using unsanctioned cloud apps.  Source: AIIM

On average over 60% of enterprise budget is spent on ‘keeping the lights on’ technology.  Source: Gartner (2112)

On average middle-managers spend a quarter of their time searching for information… only to find that 50% of the data they find has no value.  Source: Gartner (2112)

85% of businesses believe that cloud technology will transform their business or industry.  Source: Oxford Economics and SAP (2012)

“80% of our workforce will be millennials by 2016”.  Source:  PWC

40% of business managers cite a lack of urgency in the company as the biggest barrier to digital transformation.  Source: MIT Sloan Mgmt. Review

47% of job categories may be taken over by machines in the next two decades.  Source: University of Oxford